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Who am I?

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Welcome to the Grand Theft Auto IV Who am I? game! Here you will learn more about Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned and Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony characters

I miss the day when the clues were together

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Okay, going to guess Jack, the Men's Room caller who's a big fan, because the Angels of Death have a chapter in Tudor and one of their members is Joseph Johnson. Jack is a nickname for John. Plus, there's Johnny Klebitz who also makes his home in Alderney. 

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Just now, Lance Mayhem said:

The cabbie to whom Vlad indignantly ejaculated, "I'm walking here!"



Yes, I used that word. 

There you go. I couldn't accept your initial guess because there are many taxi drivers in Liberty City.


Clue 1: Yellow vehicle - He drives a taxi, obviously.

Clue 2: Vlad Glebov - He nearly runs over Vlad, which causes Vlad to shout his famous "I'm walking here!" line.

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1 hour ago, billiejoearmstrong8 said:

Cherise's scumbag new boyfriend (who we meet in her random encounter)


We have a winner!



The rationale for the clues:


1: To Live Or Die In The Projects 


Encounter takes place in the Projects on Frankfort, and you can kill the guy, or just beat on him until he submits. 


2: More carrot would have been better 


When asked by Niko if he's been hitting Cherise, the lowlife says something like, "Yeah, I give her the stick. But I give her the carrot too." 



Well done. 

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1. Her body is in a Blista Compact

2. She gets dumped in water 


I made it too obvious with the second clue lol


Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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