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The Great Filter

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I recently posted my thoughts about the great filter, and how I believe it is a test of humanity. A test to see if we are worthy to colonize the universe and teach our ways to the others.


Please read my thoughts before continuing:



What about the filter? Are we past it? Is it still a long way ahead? Can we succeed in succeeding? Is the filter the ultimate test of humanities strength? Can we survive our wars and extravagant wasteful behavior? Because only through conditioning, will we not be filtered out. Passing the filter is the ultimate test of humanity. Only the best may pass it, and take their knowledge of lasting so long on a single planet's (in our case, earth) resources out to the world, teach the others.


Not any civilization can pass the filter. Not those who have not mastered the skills of survival. For those who have failed to succeed on their own planet, do not deserve to teach others their ways of failure.


Is this why the filter exists? Can we be the first to pass it? Must the human gene pool be cleansed, so we can achieve success in the extraterrestrial gene pool? Only a thriving civilization can pass the test. Can pass the filter. Can colonize the universe.


We are intelligent, we have landed on the habitable zone, our civilization is progressing. We have mastered agriculture, but now, we are reaching the time of the ultimate test. The test of who can colonize. The test of passing the filter.


Who gets filtered out of the filter? The civilizations that indulge in war and waster. The civilizations who are smart, the master civilizations. The civilizations that pass the filter have proven themselves worth of teaching their lessons to the other planets. Worthy of 'getting the word of survival out'.


Is this why the filter exists? So we are tested to see if we can survive on our own planet, if we do not bomb each other to oblivion, if we can get ahead of ourselves and be able to master life itself? Be able to master the art of survival with limited capabilities?


Only then will we pass the filter, only when we can prove ourselves worthy of going out of our planet and reaching others, teaching them out ways.


Why should we teach them? Because we have made it past the filter. Therefore we have mastered survival on our own planet, and deserved the right of reaching other planets.


Is this planet our test? An exam for humanity?


Is the ancient astronaut theory true because of this? Did they pass the filter and learned to pass their advice on? Came to us, and taught us the way?


"The best thing to do with good advice is to pass it on." is this how the universe works?


We will succeed.


Are we worthy? We must be. We must succeed.


We have completed most of the path, let us succeed.


Oh, please. Let us reach the epitome of the greatness of a civilization.


Let us pass the filter.


(Please ignore the general stoney-ness)

Do you agree? And do you believe that we will be able to pass the filter or will we destroy ourselves, or be destroyed naturally.


Also, what are your thoughts on my theory. Are there similar theories already out there?


I'm very interested to hear your view on this.

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I don't quite understand this, Can someone shed some light for me

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El Dildo

maybe you should explain what the hell the filter is before you open a debate on it....

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Locked. I have absolutely no idea what you were posting about.

Care to try again, in a way that makes sense?

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