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[TUT] Weapon Icon (SA stylish B/W)


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I did this tutorial per request from Thang:


If You have questions or don´t understand something feel free to ask.


Final result


user posted image



Requirements: Photoshop, free custom shapes (.csh)




1. Create transparent layer, size is up to You. Mine was 700x700 and rectangle 330x330 or something like that. It´s not important, shapes can be resized without quality loss.

2. From tools select Custom shape, rounded rectangle. Radius 40x. Make sure ´paths´ button is ticked.

3. Hold down shift and drag to draw the rounded rectangle path.


user posted image


4. Click brush tool, pick hard round brush. Second brush in default brushes. Use 13 px, or thicker. Depending on the size of your rectangle.

5. Go to paths window, right-click "work path", and stroke path. Click OK. Done.


user posted image




So I´m using a shape tool here for the weapon. This is blazing fast and easy way.

Use google and search for "custom weapon shapes". Download as many as You like, unzip them and put the .csh files into Photoshop/Presets/Custom shapes folder.

Restart Photoshop and they´ll be visible in the custom shapes list.

How your weapon will look straight out will depend on the complexity of the vector shape.


1. Change foreground color to white (not a necessity at this point). Pick your weapon from custom shapes, make sure ´shape layers´ button is ticked instead of ´paths´.

2. Draw the weapon, use freetransform path (ctrl+t) to rotate and size it to fit the rectangle. Rasterize layer. Use fx to give it a black stroke, width is up to You.

3. Select overlapping parts that You do not want. In my example I selected rectangle insides (wand), added the parts of gun which I did not want to delete, inverted selection and deleted (on gun layer).


user posted image


That´s it. Like I mentioned, and You see in this example weapon is quite dull looking.

Using Photoshop´s line and shape tools You can easily add the detail. Use real weapon or an icon image for reference.

This is easy and You´ll be there in minute or two. Or three...


I´ll repeat same process with better vector shape, that has all the details. But it does not have fill. This takes like a minute from start to finish.


user posted image


- Select outside the weapon, create new layer, invert selection, select->modify->contract 1-2px (just in case, so the white will not show up)

- Use white paint bucket to fill the selection. Move this fill layer under weapon layer.

- Use magic wand or your favourite tool/way to remove any unwanted parts, I´ll take the trigger holes using magic wand on the gun layer, and deleting selected areas in the white color layer.

- Merge gun & white fill layer, add a black stroke. Again, width depending on the size of your icon and your likes.

- When ready, repeat step #3 above, to remove the overlapping back or front of weapon.


user posted image


Delete/hide unnecessary layers, crop to content and save as .png Final image at top.


Third way to make them is how I´d do it, if I needed a weapon pack.

Collect good images of all the weapons You need. Trace them in vector editor like Inkscape (free) or CorelTrace. Clip contents to a frame.

I think will add Inkscape tutorial later.

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Thanks smile.gifbiggrin.gif you help me biggrin.gif


Ops you can make video because i am brazilian and my englsh is very bad

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Added to the Tutorial Archive, good job and sorry for the late update. wink.gif
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