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What Would You Like to See in GTA V Crews?


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so gta 4 is fail thats what i thinking.....


lets get to gta five and my ideas for the game here we go......

1. i think there must be a place where we can pimp the ride some girls who looking at it and powerfull cars like an old corvette or mustang or shelby and also the new onces...


2. invest much money for labels like mercedes benz or levis and try this thinks to be realism stop programming like the handle of gta 4 biggest fail ever i dont no who was the man witch gives you guys the idea get him fired or take him to simulation games he is at the wrong place gta is gta not a simulator the handling of the cars in vice city and san andreas was perfect keep this...


3. try to make some bars like 50 cent bar or snoop doggy dogg porn mansion or dr.dre weed store and implant it smoking a joint while driving and something like that its a game its gta not pokemon make it strong like life is and make it porn like life taste keep this two...


4. try to make to deal with drugs not as a mission just to make money and maybe with drugs and weapons implate detectives whos lookint at it and make a jail with arrest time...


5. make the best grafik ever keep the colors nice and clean in high definition...


6. we need bitches more money more murda

what in the name of screaming dear fu*k does any of this mean? also what is a 50cent bar? is it like a hersheys or twix or something? if so some might see naming a chocolate bar after a black man a little racist...


OT i hope to see a territory driven game.

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