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RW Animator


Recommended Posts

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

RW Animator

This tool allows You to create, remove or edit UV animations in GTA San Andreas.


To add or edit animations in SA models:


Create model with texture for animation, hot point should be in Top-Left corner (first frame for TV Screen Animation).

Extract all textures to TGA images to folder with models.

Drag and drop model to RW Animator.

โ€ข Read ReadMe file for more help.


Changes in version 0.9:

โ€ข Fixed bug with clicking texture then animation

โ€ข Keyframes count up to 2048

โ€ข Better tips for using and buttons

โ€ข TV Animation is longer

โ€ข Remove more than one keyframe through selecting it with CTRL key

โ€ข Fixed bug with editing values of keyframes

โ€ข Critical bug fixed, when model has already some material effects

โ€ข Some small bugs fixed



Frames combining

This tool allows You to combine all images to one big picture. It's very useful for TV Screen Animation.

To generate frames from some movie, use free VirtualDubMod.

Frames should has names like 0, 1, 2, 3. It can be saved as bmp or tga.

Drag and drop folder with frames to the window and save. You can also adjust new size of frames in menu "Options".

After loading frames, check how it looks, arrows keys able You to sterring in view.

When You choose "Save" from "Project" menu, then there will be generated a bitmap image in folder with frames.

To replace some texture in TXD file to created bmp image with frames, use G-TXD tool.


Changes in version 0.7:

โ€ข Fixed bug with enabled Save menuitem, when there was no frames

โ€ข Loading problem solved after second loading frames

โ€ข Faster work

โ€ข Better options

โ€ข Better status text


Simple TV Screen Animation:



Edited by HackMan128
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Ofcourse not. Reason why - no f*ckin idea

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Why I knew that replies will be about VCS tools? dozingoff.gif

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Animation with texture 2048x2048 compressed with DXT1


user posted image

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You could always join the team if you want the tools that badly. tounge2.gif

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Hm, can anyone show me where R* used this in San Andreas world?

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Go to Las Venturas at night and You will see smile.gif.

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Surprised by the lack of talk on this, it's a nice extra detail to add atmosphere to the game.

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Triple Penetration

Considering how many serious RW mods are left (and by serious I mean on VCStoPC or Gostown scale), I am not even surprised that there's lack of talk.


Tools subforum doesn't even have that many frequent topics/posts too.

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Yes, but I was stupid kid, that can't create anything. When age is around 20, brain works much better, but now is too late confused.gif.

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I don't understand you people. Why do you want these VCS tools that so much?! Team don't have to share them, because they were made by their own (I know, I know - by HackMan128) and evrybody from team already said - It won't be released. So they don't need to share it with people, where most of them will convert some buildings / peds or anything else and call it "by -put here your name-". And I think I know reason of that - convertment to Super Powerful Best Advanced Profesional Great Awesome RAGE Engine. If you want to convert something from VCS, do a tool by your own. If I remember good, "IVSA" also used ยฎ โ„ข tools, and almost none of them were shared.


Anyway, great thing HackMan icon14.gifcookie.gif !

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Surprised by the lack of talk on this, it's a nice extra detail to add atmosphere to the game.

True, I remember doing this in my old SA modding days, with 3ds max scripts.


You have to agree this comes a little late after the game has been out for 7\8 years, it's not surprising not much people care.

Oh well, guess we'll have to find a way to use it on VCS PC, shame to let it go to waste. wink.gif

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this is awesome i like that you made nice easy interface for the tool, and the TV in first VCS safehouse would be a nice extra feature (with fake METV music video) colgate.gif

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Sounds interesting... But does work on Vehicles I suppose?

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So.. I guess it's not the best way to make complete TV shows with this, as it will be f*ckin' huge. biggrin.gif But nice work on the tool! It could be used in so many ways! smile.gif

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  • 2 months later...

Thanks smile.gif

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  • 2 years later...

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