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Upgrading/Racing/Buying/Stealing/Selling cars

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This is quite a long read, but if you are a fan of cars and racing I am sure you will like.



Car Modification


A dozen or so missions into the main story you unlock garages. Now you are able to customize your cars.

These garages could be called Wheel Arch Angels like in San Andreas or something new, "Mods n Knockers" could be a good name.

You are able to customize various parts of your car such as paint jobs, body and wheel colour, add vents, spoilers, skirts etc

The two most important upgrade features however are new.

1. Upgrade Engine

2. Fine Tuning


Upgrading Engines


AI pedestrians will always be driving around in the basic model versions of each different car. Example if you see a Sentinel (BMW M3), Banshee (Viper), Merit (Impala) etc it will be the least powerful and cheapest model.

You are then able to upgrade the car you steal from a random ped, take it to the Mod garage and upgrade the engine.


The amount of upgrading each car can have will depend on the type of vehicle. As a general rule, the cheaper lower end of the market will have much more options to customize than the Luxury and Premium end.


Fine Tuning


This is where the extra tenths of a second come into play. You are able to take one of your vehicles to a garage and choose fine tune. The way it works is quite simple. 3 hours will pass just like a pay n spray repair and your car will now either perform slightly better or slightly worse, as a result of your tinkering.

The beauty of it is that you do not know what the effect is until you race it.

The effect of fine tuning will be around +/- .3 seconds in acceleration and +/- 10 mph. These figures are just an example.

The effect of random tuning is totally random but you can get an "expert mechanic" bonus for the following


Car magazine collectables


There will be a car magazine article for each vehicle in the game.

Reward for collecting one = you are able to view the specs of that vehicle in the garage

Reward for collecting all = expert mechanic, the results of fine tuning can yield better results eg +/- .5 seconds and +/- 15 mph.

Not only does this make collectables themselves more interesting to collect, each one has an article all about the car such as HP, acceleration, R* style trivia/fun facts section, it also has a very rewarding benefit at the end.


1st race


After mission 5 or 6, after the tutorial type missions are done, the racing side missions are opened. You receive a phonecall from a friend and he lets you know about street races happening all over the city.

So you head off and compete in your first race. You are given a 5 door sport hatchback for this first race, 1 lap tour of the city.

Competition is 7 other AI opponents, they are all driving similar class of vehicle to you.

To complete the mision you must win the race and reward is some cash and you get to keep the car you raced in.

Now, this next part I think could work brilliantly but I think some might be put off.


Multiplayer racing


In GTA IV we always raced against AI opponents, there was only 9 races and they were not the most fun, even for the most die hard supporter of GTA IV, races were probably one of the weakest part of the game.

Instead of racing AI, you are now able to race online against human opponents and the results of these races, any cash you win, any car damage you suffer etc all carries over into the main game.

Races will be available between either 12pm and 3pm for a midday race, or 12am and 3am for a night race.

After you win that first race and any future race you must always wait at least 24 in game hours and also complete a main story mission in between.

Example, someone like me who loves cars and racing will choose something like this

Main mission - Race - Explore/Other side mission - Main mission - Race - Explore/Other side mission etc

Someone else might just choose to do

Main mission - Main mission - Main mission etc

So how do these multiplayer races work?


Lobby system and Race Rules


You use your own vehicles from the main game and take them online, so you can only enter a race by being inside your chosen vehicle and selecting race on your cellphone.

You are then taken to the lobby.

The lobby will automatically match you up with cars of a similar class. This will be based on size/weight and mostly by HP/performance.

The concept of engine upgrading and fine tuning means that you are able to move up a class, making for great variety.

On one side of the screen will be the other opponents, name and vehicle.

On the other side will be a selection of 5 different tracks.

Players will vote for which track they want, and a tick appears next to name, indicating ready status.

Also, the first 8 slots of the 1-16 will be taken by AI opponents. If 8 human players joins they replace the AI. This is needed because someone might be playing the game 3 years from now and the number of active players has lessened considerably. (It is also more fun in my opinion, having at least 8 drivers per race).

So now onto the race itself

1. The prize money is decided at the start of the race, not at the end. Half of human players will get some cash reward. Eg 16 players race, the top 8 get cash reward.

2. You have 30 seconds to hit the next checkpoint, if you fail you are DQ'd and return to the main game. If you quit you also return to main game.



Here I want explain how fun and dynamic this racing scene could be in GTA V.


Halfway through the game, you unlock your own personal garage, similar to the Doherty garage in SA, but this one can store upto 10 different vehicles you own.

Your collection could be anything, here is example

Lancer Evolution (.......suggestions?)

Beetle - Bug

Ferrari - Turismo

Nissan GT-R / Elegy, (but Super GT I think more suitable)

Jeep - Mesa Grande

Ford Pick Up - Bobcat


All these cars can be upgraded and modded. When you first steal a beetle off the street it will be a basic low power model, but you can either turn it into a turbo charged little beast and move up a class or two, or you can even turn it into an off road bug, it is renamed BUG-E biggrin.gif

Pick ups can be modded and turned into Monster Trucks.

Certain old vintage cars can be modded and turned into Hot Rods.

Certain sedans can be modded and turned into Stock Cars.



Also the fine tuning is important because it will make races much more unpredictable, especially drag races, which I will explain later on how they will work.

Here is quick example

Turismo vs Comet = In GTA IV the Comet would win a 1 mile drag race every single time.

Not so in GTA V for 3 reasons.

1. Fine tuning means cars of similar spec will perform differently depending on the tuning set up. So one race you might lose in the Turismo, you go back to garage and fine tune and discover in next race the Turismo wins.

2. Manual gear changing. For drag racing only you must change the gear yourself, too early or too late will result in a slight drop in speed. You need experience and form an understanding of sorts with your car biggrin.gif

3. Upgrading your engine moves you up a class, luxury and premium type vehicles will always outperform lower end models, but with tuning the lower end cars will become more than a match



I have plenty more to add, race types including stadium races with dirtbikes/stock cars, triathlons, demolition derby, off road races, land, sea and air races, buying cars from off the in game internet, stealing and then selling certain cars,

Edited by RockStarNiko

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Love it all, especially the part about upgrading an old bug.

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Everywhere i see people begging for sh*t that was in san andreas, you would think R* woulda made san andreas 2 before v.

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