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Damageproof Bikes !NEW DISCOVERY!

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Theres some good news I figured out how to make a Damageproof bike in GTA LCS but it will require cheat device and two custom made cheats I have posted them in the video I made. And if anyone wants to know how I discovered this when "gabybosskingofspeed" told me that you can make a Damageproof Maverick and I thought to myself about letting the bike drop then warping inside the Stauton Garage then saving and reloading when I did it it worked the bike I had was now a Damageproof one.


Heres the video link;



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Well for the maverick it was like this:i tried to get it on normal gameplay with the avenging angels but it didn't land properly so the crane got it,after the crane dropped the maverick inside the top door didn't close so i thought i can get it out with in vehicle and teleport to Staunton safehouse.

I think we can scratch the PP PCJ-600 from Leon Mission and the PP Barracks Ol from AWOL Angel.

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When you’re starting out, you will be confused. I know I was. All I knew was that I wasn’t happy. I was frustrated and I just wanted to hide somewhere with a nice bowl of ice cream

with candy on top.


Edited by Girish

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