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The Tiger


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user posted image


user posted image

There was a two Companies.One was ISA means Indian secret angents.And the second was PSA means Pakistan secret agents.They fight against each other.there are two most powerful,perfect agents of these companies.From ISA there was Tiger anf from PSA there was zoea(Girl).There was some rules for agents but the main rule was "Don't fall in love".One day Tiger goes to a mission.He don't know zoea but zoea knows him.He meet zoea there and he fall in love.When he tell zoea about this she act like she don't love him.But the reality was zoea also love him.She saw to tiger that she is a agent of PSA.To kill him was the mission for Tiger.But he don't do this.he say to zoea to rush from here.Then they go to their own countries.One day gagain they meet.They now know that the PSA and ISA don't want to see them together.So they rushed from thier country to another country.Then both ISA and PSA searching them but they can't find them.


user posted image

Tiger=Main actor = Player.

zoea=A girl loved by tiger.

Sir=Incharge of the Headquarter

rimy=Tiger's friend(Cheater friend)


user posted image


2.Cheater friend

3.Cheater friend [Part-2]

4.In the Garage


More Coming soon..........


user posted image

Dutchy3010 & PatrickW=For creating DYOM

Edited by sorv
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4 missions aded.More soon.................

And also Don't forget to give Feedback after playing.

Edited by sorv
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