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The Ultimate Territory Glitch FAQ

Jack Reacher

Recommended Posts

One thing that should be interesting to do would be trying to get 2 3rd party gangs to share one territory and I think is possible to do so in Little Mexico or El Corona. I once managed to take over these territories from Vagos before doing Los Desperados and then I let Ballas take them. After doing Los Desperados the little GSF these territories had gone, but the ballas remained and thus i got VLA mixed with ballas in these territories, but no grove, and even killing some ballas i couldn`t start a war (i think it is because VLA had higher than ballas).


Now I think, if before doing Los Desperados I put some 3rd party gang instead of the ballas, i think that after Los Desperados it will have the 3rd party gang you chose and VLA. And even better, I think that if you put a 3rd party gang there and then let ballas attack there to gain some density as well and after that doing Los Desperados you will have Ballas, VLA and the 3rd party gang you chose.

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I was also wondering, if you have a territory shared by 3 gangs and then doing the flying off the map glitch a fourth gang may end up showing up there?

Edited by rhans
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Yes. The flight glitch can add a density of 1 for any gang and a dealer to any zone that can be glitched if the current density is 0 when the glitch is triggered. My investigations suggest that traveling directly south can systematically add 1 to each gang in a zone (600m per gang, plus 600m each for the dealer and color bytes to traverse a whole zone). Unfortunately is really difficult to map the trigger zones off in remote parts of the ocean, even on PC, and practically impossible to communicate that information to someone playing on PS2.


Glitching turfs by flying off the map is caused by the routine that clears the fog over the map early in the game. Every few seconds the game checks CJ's location and calculates an area of memory that should hold the flag for that block of fog. If it's a new area (flag 0) then it sets the flag to 1 so that part of the map isn't hidden any longer. When CJ's location is outside of normal bounds the calculations for the memory location get way out of range and the game starts to check for flags in the middle of the zone density portion of memory. The map fog memory array is arranged in columns, top to bottom, then left to right. Observing how the map is unfogged should help you understand how to apply your flight glitching more effectively.

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So lets say I have a territory with 10 GSF density and it is glitched after I fly south, after 600m I will have 11 GSF or 1 of other gangs, and keep getting 1 of new gangs every 600m on the same territory?

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Not quite. The GSF density won't be changed if it's not 0; bytes that are not 0 are evaluated as previously unfogged, so the density is not changed. It's been a long while, but... assuming zones with gang density 0: when flying directly south, first Ballas get +1 turf, then it switches over to GSF, and finally Vago, then you don't see any other change for a long, long while. It takes 10200 meters to traverse of the bytes of a zone. It's really hard to maintain a steady path with no frame of reference.

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After evaluating the for Ballas, GSF then Vagos more 600m south will start evaluating for 3rd party gangs? Also do you know why flying off gives only 178 territories if there are a total of 378 or 380, not quite sure. Not all territories get unfogged the same way?

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For clarification: Map fog sectors describe the 600m squares that obscure the map early in the game. Zone is often synonymous with turf or territory.


The routine that controls the map fog sectors is buried in the engine and I don't think anyone with the proper skills has ever tried to figure out what it's doing, so there's no hard math to describe what's really going on. What we do know is the glitch starts working at one point in memory and ends at another, and this range only includes 170some turfs.

Edited by OrionSR
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Well... on PC flying north just to the right of the map systematically unfogged the map in reverse sequence (S to N, then E to W). That was kind of interesting, but the glitch doesn't work the same way on PC and PS2. On PC the glitch can only add about a dozen new turfs but can also scramble territory names which can screw up missions (Taxi and Toreno glitches). I've found it very difficult to tell what is going on while doing the flight glitch, even on PC where I can script text messages when variables change and update the map colors while glitching. Um... IIRC, nothing interest happened while traveling north on PS2. Traveling off the map in any direction other than directly north or south leads to apparently random glitches. It's not random though. Repeating the same path will result in the same glitches - so everyone who flies the direct path to Liberty City gets the same glitched turf in Bayside,


At one point I tried to map PS2v1 locations just off shore that would glitch a particular gang into a particular turf. The idea was to be able to use the gang attack exploits (Satchel Trick, Mastermind Glitch, Pomor Maneuver) to put various gangs into unusual turfs without an editor or cheat device codes. Unfortunately I was never able to communicate the method effectively enough to get repeatable results from other players.

Edited by OrionSR
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So if in one save I flew off to one direction, and then another, until I tried many variatons, I would have the combination of different results or one would just overwrite another?

Edited by rhans
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It all adds up in the same save branch. Nothing is ever undone or glitched twice. Just keep in mind that each gang in each zone is a separate glitch, and any gang density currently present won't be changed. If you reload a previous save you can experiment with a new save branch. The zone information doesn't leak over from the previously loaded save.

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if more gangs were added with fly glitch on same turf, say ballas, vagos, triad, da nang all with same density and then we used satchel/mastermind glitch, which of these gangs would gain density? All of them?

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  • 2 weeks later...

"If I fly east, get Vagos in SUNMA, go there and take it over and then fly east again, will Vagos get a density there again?" - Rhans


The short answer: That can't happen.

The long answer: All territories given to Ballas and Vagos that I took over weren't returned to them upon flying out again.


"If more gangs were added with fly glitch on same turf, say ballas, vagos, triad, da nang all with same density and then we used satchel/mastermind glitch, which of these gangs would gain density? All of them?" - __Mako


The short answer: Nothing can come of this.

The long answer: No matter what, no more than two gangs can inhabit the same territory. Trying to add a third gang will just increase the density of a currently present gang or overwrite the density of a currently present gang. Even using codes can't add a third gang to the same territory.

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  • 2 weeks later...

*Shaking my head* *Clicks refresh*

Wow, Jack Reacher really is ejected from the forums.


My spirit will live on, don't worry.

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  • 5 months later...

After doing this glitch( I have flyed all directions for quite some time) I have seen mafia in SFAIR1, I also saw in Bayside marina. But could you help me by saying where you found gang 9 and 10, because I don't have a tool that let me tell them apart. So far I have seen gang 9 or 10 in SF(territory), VERO4B, FINA or SFDTW5 and JUNIHO. So far which territories do you know to have gang 9 (besides willowfield) and gang 10? Thanks

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  • 1 year later...
  • 3 weeks later...

I prefer luring them and kill them using guns, then create a trail of territories until I reach SF or LV, something like this:



Also, since there seems to be no video that shows how to make 3rd party gangs attack your territories anymore, I decided to upload some:




Edited by rhans
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  • 10 months later...

rhans i saw your videos, and I done any glitch on PS2v1, but something interesting happened, on HASH (a territory created by flying over the map) had a light green shade and I had OCEAF2 on full dark yellow, then an attack was made on my other hood with green dark shade on CITYS by the ballas and I want that HASH territory had a Yellow shade, about 15 min, killed three Vagos on hash and the attack ended, nothing happened, no changes on the green shade but no groove or vagos were spawning, instead the Mafia was spawning and in great number, and I saw a few things after the flyover map glitch: I was on JEF2 and the Unused Gang 9 was or better said, is spawning there, IWD2 has ballas, vagos and mafia spawning there, and IWD4 had Ballas, Da Nang and Mafia spawning there too.


And what I've done is flying North and no territories were created on Venturas, i had to do the satchel trick to create territories for ballas and groove and doing the Pomor or Mastermind's gltich to increase ballas terriories and have attacks on Venturas. By the way, great videos rhans!!

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