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The Liberty City Appreciation Thread

Algonquin Assassin

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My God the outskirts of Alderney are beautiful. Was walking down the edge of the industrial park as Johhnny reached into his pocket, grabbed his phone, and called Ash. It was interesting hearing what she says, how she "loves Johnny", which Johnny knows is true but she's f*cking posion. And as construction workers did their thing, the sun set. Goodbye, Ash.

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Parts of Alderney have that "It's a sh*thole" feeling that I love so much. Westdyke feels like an absolute paradise in a city like this. It's so calm and relaxed.

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Cruising in Stallion between curvy roads of Algonquin while listening to LRR - magnificent feeling.

I have only one feeling like this with V - listening to "Sleepwalking" while driving a Seashark and watching the sunset.


In IV I just want to stop and admire the enviroment and feel that dense, gritty LC atmosphere :)

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Never did I realize how detailed Liberty City's roads were until yesterday. I pulled the suspension glitch with my Comet and the way it react with the road afterwards showed just how gritty LC's streets were. There were so many poteholes, unbalanced surfaces, and bumps that at times my car stalled or even flipped when approaching them.

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I was playing today. I was cruising with my wine red Sentinel with Packie around chinatown. It was around 13h game time, and it started to rain. So many times driving my car through Liberty City dusty streets have rendered my car dirty as hell. As the rain started, my car got a little free wash, but it wasnt enough to wash away all those dust and blood stains, only a lil bit of it.


It may be not an LC APPRECIATION, but this lil detail blown my mind away. The dust and rain combined, a nice conversation with a good friend and hearing to the city sounds as it breathed with all of this peds, some running from the rain, some with umbrellas on... what a nice atmosphere! A six years old game still amazes me as if is fresh out of the box at the day o purchased it.

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Some of screenshots from yesterday's cruising :)




















Sorry for big images - these are taken directly from console.


Ahh, that atmosphere.. :)

Edited by ric4rd094
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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Man I f*cking love Algonquin! I just got done chasing somebody named Sniper-something I forget. But he had a red Bullet and I had a white Infernus and we started some huge, movie-esque car chase. I was trying so hard to catch up to him and had to drift into every corner with my Infernus, which proved to be really fun and it looked so awesome. There is nothing like cutting through Algonquin's grids during a high speed car chase!

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I loved almost everything about LC. Each island has it's own vibe and felt alive. I loved to go from my safe houses in Middle Park East and Alderney and made my way down to the lawyers offices in the Exchange where I went about my day dressed as a business man and vigilante when I saw someone being chased by the cops. When I left my safe house in Bohan, I would go to the roof of an apartment building and snipe some gangsters then leave before the cops got there.

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Bohan is like a home, it's an incredible well made borough reflecting a poor community in a big city, in the "land of opportunities". You reach Bohan and you've in front of your eyes a low neighbourhood mixed with the features of capitalism and the subsequent parts of discrimination and differences between social status, I mean, don't get me aggressive, but it has been amazing how Rockstar managed to compress the oversized borough of Bronx in a little part of Liberty City.

People might say that there is a lot of stuff in Bronx that is not present in Bohan, I agree, but somehow Rockstar could create a mirror of the most notable locations in Bronx that could do something with GTA IV story.

Awesome, beautiful and deep, I truly like to live, and die (kidding) In Bohan.

Here is my appreciation post about Liberty City, specifically about one of the best islands in GTA saga, in my opinion, obviously.

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Yesterday I decided to take a walk around Algonquin. I disabled the mini map and HUD as well. I started from Niko's east Algonquin safehouse and walked all the way to the Internet Cafe near Playboy's house. Checked some emails then called a cab and headed to Star Junction. I had a Bleeder at Burger shot and then walked out. I'm going to start doing this more often. It was great walking around in the middle of the night, reminds me of walking around my own city at night. LC > LS

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After coming back to GTA IV from V I remembered just how great this city truly is. In V, the pedestrians just don't feel alive. I don't know how to explain it, but all my time playing V I never had an experience like I did with IV yesterday.


I obtained a 1 star wanted level after roughing up some punk who was trying to bad mouth me. Two cops got out of their vehicle, trying to take me in of course. Now, I could of ran away, but I guess Johnny was just having a bad day. I pulled out my Sawn-off Shotgun shooting one of the officers in the stomach. As the cop was bleeding out on the road I hear his partner say "I'll take care of your teenage daughter" in an extremely depressing voice. I got chills from that line and felt awful about that I did. That right there is one of the MANY reasons why Liberty City is the best GTA world we have ever gotten imo. Maybe I'm overreacting a bit, but it was crazy.


After that, I quickly got on my Hexer and road away, not looking back.

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This line and 'tell my wife i love her' are the best ones from the cops. It makes them feel human, and show us the cold side of tge murder - something thats somehow made fun of in V.

IV was a great step in the right direction, in my opinion

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I haven't played IV in months now. In my head I still hold it much higher than I do V but I'm afraid if I play it I'll allow the flaws of the game which I forgot about ruin the memories I have of the game. Thinking back though there are a couple of things which I loved about LC that LS just can't match. The subway system in IV was amazing, it was dirty, it was grimy and you were never far away from the entrance of one(Unless you were in Alderney). I also miss Leftwood. The majority of the apartments around there had interiors and you could have some really great fights or you could climb to the roof and just take in the view. I also miss Purgatory and the Meat Quarter, I don't know why but I always really liked those places.

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This game is so amazing to drive around it. I live nearby the 5 boroughs of NYC, but not directly in any of them. I feel like I have learned so much from this game.


I don't think I'll ever stop playing this game, and when I finally get a gaming PC soon, I'll probably repurchase this game to install mods.

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So today I took out my gorgeous blue Huntley sport out for a ride. It was 08:00 when I stepped into the car and i started up the engine and tuned in to Vladivostok FM my favorite radio station in the game for some cool music.


I drove around, obeying traffic laws and stuff. I decided to drive over to Modo in Algonquin to get some new clothes. By the time I had reached Modo the sun was almost up properly by now. I went in and got a nice golf shirt and blue jeans and also some brown shoes. Niko looked like a badass and it fitted him really well.


After buying new clothes, I spotted the QUB3D arcade game machine and decided to have a go on it. I was rather awful on it but I made a nice score of 3.2 k and saved my name as NIK on the high score list.


I walked out of the shop and now it was 14:00 IIRC and the sun was up properly now and it was very bright. I got back in my Huntley sport and decided to have some lunch at the burger shot branch in Star Junction.


As I drove there I noticed something else beautiful about Algonquin. The roads, a stark contrast to the other boroughs. They were wide and perfect for the awesome handling. They were also pretty neat too and they were also somewhat varied.


I arrived at Star Junction and was blown away the colorfulness there. It just felt so refreshing and alive and having lunch in the middle of it all at burger shot only made the experience better. I do wish there were more interiors here though. I ordered a burger and sat down to eat.


After lunch I stepped back into my Huntley Sport yet again and decided to drive over to the weapons shop in Southern Algonquin. I went over there and pulled up near the shop.


Inside, I purchased some body armor and an awesome Combat Sniper rifle as a replacement for my old one. I also refilled my SMG ammo. I thanked the shop keeper and stepped out and got back in my Huntley Sport.


By now it was evening and the sun was setting, beautifully. I decided to go over and watch a show in Hove Beach, Broker. As I drove on the Broker Bridge it became cloudy and dark and added to the gritty feel to the game. I was sure it was going to rain and indeed it did as I neared the Club, I parked quickly and went inside the club.


I took my seat and enjoyed the show. Particularly an awesome dude juggling some bottles. After the show I walked our and saw that the rain was in full flow, I went into my Huntley Sport and decided to have dinner at 49th street diner.


I parked up near the diner and ordered a burger. I enjoyed dinner and came back into my Huntley Sport and drove back home to Bohan. It was 22:00 now and the rain was slowing down.


By the time I had reached Bohan it was 01:00 and the rain had fully stopped. I parked up and went up to my room and gave Niko some well deserved rest.


It was amazing to do a full day cruise, usually my cruises start at the middle of the day but this was awesome, to experience the weather changes and live the life of a normal LC citizen. This game and city is beautiful, everyone should try this. :)

Edited by Vercetti42
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Just to bring this thread up again lately I've been doing more thorough exploration of LC and I can't believe that even though the game is almost 5 years old I'm still discovering new places.This game has a alot more enterable buildings than people imply. Sure most of them are just rinse and repeat, but I reckon I've found atleast 8 buildings I didn't even know could be entered.I love how this game still throws curveballs half a decade later. inlove.gif

I know man. I haven't played in awhile, but I always found new things. Liberty City is unexplainable. I loved that place no homo

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For me, the best parts would either be walking around Middle Park, or looking at the whole map from the top of the Majestic. Beautiful place. Even just walking around Alderney or finding enterable buildings has its own charm. I haven't really played GTA IV since V came out, but all this talk makes me want to dive back in and see what I've missed.

Edited by FireandWater
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How can you see so far in the picture of Niko?? You can see the control tower of the airport!

I have my view distance and detail distance both set at 70. So that might be it? Maybe the weather, also.

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Wow. I have no idea then. The only mods I run are the Simple Native Trainer and the First Person mod. Both are scripts, respectively. So I'm not sure what it could be.


I did edit those images, though. I did some basic, amateur stuff to make them more sharp. So perhaps that might have something to do with it? Not sure how though.

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I'll just add these too, not as good as Xerukai's but meh:











The first one is my personal favorite.

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Michael Hollick's performance as Niko is truly haunting.. IV has, in my opinion, the strongest, most memorable, and most human lead character. Too bad we won't be seeing more of Hollick because of the spat about his pay :(

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