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Guess the vehicle!


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This is the third version of the well-known Guess the vehicle by Piperka. This new version of the game will possess his own Score Board as well as some basic rules similar to other games. Just to mention that this topic was created in association with Piperka himself, and we have the same aim, to keep this game more interesting and playful.

Now we should start with the rules, shall we?



  • No off-topic posts. If you have something to say/ask/suggest, feel free to PM me. But please, don't post it here where you should only post clues and guesses.
  • You can pass your turn. However, to keep this game fair, you MAY NOT guess in the next round.
  • The 24-hour rule. If someone doesn't use his turn to give a clue within 24 hours, then everyone can post a clue.
  • Picture clues are also allowed. Just make sure it's taken from in-game and the image size is 640x480 or less to avoid topic stretching.
  • No editing. You CANNOT edit your clue after posting it.
  • Give another clue after three incorrect guesses. And also state your previous clues so people won't go back and search your clues.
  • Guess one time per clue. Don't guess two or more times on the similar clue.
  • ENJOY. That's the last rule. This game is intended only for fun.
Score Board

Position Player Point(s) 1 Celestial Hyena 24 2 Nudg3r 13 3 ThaBoY 12 4 arijitsen 11 5 dangr 9 6 lzw3 8 7 shoumic 8 8 MrMateczko 6 9 ilir 5 10 epoxi 5 11 SatournFan 4 12 tomi19 4 13 WildBrick142 4 14 piko 3 15 ExtremeLimitations 3 16 LifeWithScissors 3 17 H.I.M. 3 18 Dutch Psycho 2 19 Surya386 2 20 GTAFANSTER 2 21 Elusion123 2 22 vc_kamehameha 2 23 Gary-X 2 24 Ragref 1 25 xXTacoGuyXx 1 26 ThirstyHyena 1 27 autotheftisgrand 1 28 Master of San Andreas 1 29 indo_14 1 30 Dylricho 1 31 RyujinXKaizer 1 32 ZDUPH 1 33 ayushmansen 1 34 GTAfanatic136 1 35 Nero1024 1 36 Carbonox 1 37 Yezz007 1 38 DropThaSystem 1 39 evil_hunter 1 40 That Grove street Homie 1

*Note: This colorsymbolizes Top 5 players



I decided to organize some mini games that will make this game more interesting and more funny. The reason of organizing these Mini Games is getting more points outside the standard guess-per-point system. Every mini game will have their own rules and their specific reward. Mini Games will usually last about two-three weeks, maybe a month.


Picture for point(closed)

(November 1st, 2012 - November 18th, 2012)



Description: This mini game is about posting picture clues only.

Player posts a picture clue.

Every 7 wrong guesses has been posted, the clue giver takes +2 points.

If someone guesses correctly before 7 wrong guesses has been posted, he takes +2 points.

If someone guesses correctly after 7 wrong guesses has been posted, he takes +1 point.


Rules: Beside the standard rules, these rules will be applied to this mini-game:

In-game pictures only. The pictures must be taken as a screenshot of a vehicle of GTA San Andreas. Don't post a real-life vehicle picture or anything related.

Don't take pictures of anything common. This means no taking pictures of tyres/steering wheel/fuel tank door or anything that every vehicle has.



Girish- Big helper and authorization

Piperka- Author of the previous game version

Edited by ilir
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Posting the second guess and the fifth post(Yea, its my first time to post a fifth post)


It must be the..


Mountain Bike!!!

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Master of San Andreas

Police Car?

user posted image


"I'm an Agent of chaos and I love it 'cause I'm insane" - Heath Ledger aka The Joker.

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It must be HPV 1000 (the cop bike)

Correct. You are the first person to enter in the score board. Congrats!

arijitsen +1


user posted image

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I expected these answers but unfortunately all are incorrect...

Let's go once again:





user posted image


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