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[TUT] Creating a Concept Radio Station

Recommended Posts



Creating a Concept Radio Station

Tips & Hints



user posted image


I. Introduction


Here are some quick tips on creating your concept radio station. Keep in mind these are only suggestions; there are no rules. This guide was intended to prevent you from making the same mistakes as me, as well as teach you the tricks I've learned along the way. Let's break it down and get started.


II. The Title


The name is very important part of the radio station. Try to pick short, catchy name that fits the genre of your station. Most of the stations in Grand Theft Auto were named for a specific reason, such as "Wave 103" (a New 'Wave' station), "Tuff Gong Radio" (a nod to Bob Marley), or "Radio-X" (reference to the "X" generation).




I highly recommend downloading fonts online, instead of using the defaults that come with your computer. Find something online will make your logo look more exciting and professional. I recommend Font-Space (Link) or 1001-Free-Fonts (Link).




Be careful when choosing the frequency. For FM Radio stations, frequencies below 92.1 MHz are reserved for non-commercial stations, such as colleges and universities. AM broadcasting mainly attracts talk radio and news programming; music and public radio shifted to FM Radio in the late 70s. You don't want to look stupid, like me. cool.gif


Tips & Hints:


• Try to avoid using station names that are similar to previous GTA games, such as 'San Fierro Rock Radio,' 'Integrity 3.0,' or 'K-Jah East'. It takes away from the credibility.

• Keep the name simple and short.

• Pick a font that is easy to read; and stay away from fonts like Bladeline, Zuber Stone, and Voker.


III. The Logo


The logo should be the most important part of your concept radio station. This is the part that gives the station character and personality. Colors, images, graphics are all important - but don't overdue it. Keep it simple. Remember: some stations don't even have a image, such as K-Jah West and L.C.H.C. It's not necessary if you have the right font.



TIP: Not all stations need a logo; L.C.H.C. doesn't have one.


user posted image



TIP: View as many logos as you can to help start your design. Google Images is a good reference.


user posted image



TIP: Researching graphics online will help start the process. Get inspiration from other logos.


user posted image


Tips & Hints:


• Research other logos online from Google Images. Search for specific names: "maraca logo," "hiphop radio station," "techno logo," "dubstep graphics," etc. It's best to think of an image in advance; this will help narrow down the search.

• Take inspiration from as many graphics as you can. Make a collection of all your favorites and saves them to a collage.

• Use symbols and images that go well with your genre. Give it character.


IV. The Music


Use Youtube to portray your radio station music. Nobody will take the time to search every single song.



user posted image




Code used:





Tips & Hints:


• Do not list your tracklist. Nobody wants to search through 20 songs. Posting Youtube videos make it easier and keeps your readers attention.

• Try to keep it minimal. Pick your best three songs.


V. Designing Your Logo


It's best to do your design in layers. That way you can edit the font and logo as many times as you want, to fool around with different fonts, colors, shading, etc.



This was the 'logo' chosen, influenced by the graphics above.


user posted image


The logo was given it's own layer, allowing for separate edits. The color & Hue can now be changed if needed.


user posted image



Final Product

user posted image




Tips & Hints:


• When designing your logo, make the image as large as you can. (You won't lose quality if you scale it down, but you will when you blow it up.)

• Try drawing a draft of your logos out on paper first; then re-create it on photoshop. This will allow you to brain-storm and get the ideas flowing.


Good luck!

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Not a GFX tutorial completely but it is still informational.


Nice post, Grope. icon14.gif Keep it up.

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Not a GFX tutorial completely but it is still informational.


Nice post, Grope. icon14.gif Keep it up.

i agree with gunwrath, not completely a gfx tutorial but it is bery helpful. it should be added to the tutorial archive just ask narcis smile.gif




did a quick 5min one


user posted image

Edited by nic_23

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Added to the archive, even if is not entirely a tutorial is still helpful for newcomers.

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Nice TUT brother,this could be very useful! icon14.gif

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Wow! Excellent Post.You have done a really good job. But, you can try setting up a radio station. I have also done many things for setting up a radio station. Please try :) this site: *removed*
Edited by GunWrath

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