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[VC|WIP] Vice Beta Collection


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I think I still have my own Nailgun somewhere from the Vice City Beta Edition mod :p + some other files that could be interesting to you if you want. However I have first to search for those files on one of my hard drives

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@gallardo555, Im interested to hear what you have but it might not be necessary as we have done a fair bit and got alot of stuff done already, and lots of things we already have are also being remade too, just to make them even better.




Well since things are so quiet around here I'll have to double post.


I'll show off some more minor changes made to make some cars Beta-like.


Firstly the FBI Rancher


I think I still have to make the chrome a little brighter, and also fixed the Bug left by R* on the Tailgate


The Regular Rancher



The Romero


I also fixed the body map bug R* left on this model too.


The Stretch


On this model again I fixed a bug, which was the exhaust being textured with the Glass Material


The Police Cruiser


This is my version of the Police Cruiser to replace the old model we are using in this mod.





Although it has not reached the export stage yet and still needs a bit of work here is some screens on the Beta Sentinel





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  • 3 months later...

Hmmm is this MOD Dead?

No, just other things and other mods get attention some times... like this.





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  • 1 month later...

Damn! Are you going to release that deloreon? Well the progress is slow but atleast the mod is not dead! BTW what's the progress Almost?

EDIT: BTW mr jago is making a beta weapons pack that has their own icons! Not original but hey ... maybe include it in ur mod??

Edited by ShadowRageEX
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  • 9 months later...

No, Its just more that I am working on other projects at the moment and have not bothered to package up and test things to get released for this, I keep meaning to get the map all going and package it with MVL (For the Limit Adjuster functions of it) and release a nice pack.


But at the moment I am still spending my time on the project in my Signature.



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  • 4 months later...


Forget all the rest, Vice Beta Collection is the Best!

2017 Update
Celebrating 15 Years of Vice City

Over the last 15 years there has been many different Beta mods started for Vice City, although some have started with small goals, some with big, very few have actually made decent releases of content, and those that have, usually have rushed to get releases and the content is not very accurate. The goal for Vice Beta Collection is to focus on the finer details over time, instead of aiming for a full conversion mod, small aspects will be focused on and released upon completion, hopefully over time it will all contribute to becoming the Vice Beta Collection….

This topic is focusing on the Beta Vehicles of Vice City, some vehicles seem to have been designed once and then left alone with no revisions, others can be seen progressing through one or more different stages and some although never actually shown in earlier stages, had content left behind in the files which has given clues as to what they might have previously looked like.
The purpose of this topic is for discussion on changes to vehicles and to display progress made on the modification of existing vehicles into their earlier counterparts.

[2017 Update – Released Vehicles]
All Vehicles Now Available at GTA Garage
(Pending Approval By GTA Garage Moderators)
Click on the Vehicle Name for Alternative Download Link

(Links Posted After Pictures Below)

[blista Compact / Bloodring Glendale / Bloodring Oceanic]


[bobcat / Burrito / Esperanto]


[FBI Rancher / Glendale / Greenwood]


[Moonbeam / Oceanic / Police]


[Rancher / Romero / Sabre]


[sabre Turbo / Stretch / Taxi]


[Voodoo / Washington]


[Download Links]

GTA Garage : http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=26277

(You can download individual vehicles, or all of them in 2017 Vehicle Pack 1)


ALMOST610.Ucoz : http://almost610.ucoz.com/load/vice_beta_collection_vehicle_pack_1/1-1-0-19

Vehicle Pack 1 Only Available For Download

2017 Vehicle Pack 1 Contains....

Blista Compact, Bloodring Glendale, Bloodring Oceanic, Bobcat, Burrito, Esperanto, FBI Rancher, Glendale, Greenwood
Moonbeam, Oceanic, Police, Rancher, Romero, Sabre, Sabre Turbo, Stretch, Taxi, Voodoo, Washington

[2015/16 Vehicles Being Revised]

[Deluxo] [FBI Washington]

[WIP Vehicles]

[banshee] [Hermes] [idaho] [infernus] [Phoenix] [Regina] [sentinel] [sentinel XS]
[Many More To Be Started Yet]


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sh*t son, you know what the beta Washington reminds me of?




Especially around the Grille & Headlights. Maybe Rockstar decided to use the beta model (or inspiration nonetheless) in Bully? Kinda like how they used the beta Blista Compact in Manhunt.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Forget all the rest, Vice Beta Collection is the Best!

2017 Update
Celebrating 15 Years of Vice City

[2017 Update – Mapping Release]

2017 Map Pack 1

It’s not just Vehicles getting an update and release in 2017 for the Beta Collection, the map is also getting worked on, although the Airport was previously released, I do want to revise it a little before re-including it in the Collection, in the meantime here is some changes made to Little Haiti and the Ocean Drive area.
If you have to ask what has changed in the pictures posted, then I guess it means I have done a good job blending things in, particularly in the first two pictures, you may not think anything has changed at all.

Changes made to Little Haiti area.




Changes made to Ocean Drive / North Beach area.



All these mapping changes have been packaged in a neat little GTA Mod Installer script,
simply download the files at GTA Garage, run the installer, select option 3, and then
select the Script/Files folder and the VC Install Directory and it does all the rest.
Maxo’s Vehicle Loader is also installed with this release as it handles the Limit Adjusting
so a modified exe is not needed to run the mapping changes made to this game.

For Download Visit….

Vice Beta Collection – GTA Garage Page

Edited by ALMOST610
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Nice work on the Vehicles ALMOST. Loved the beta paint job on the Police. Keep 'em coming. :^:


i5 10400F • MSI Z490-A PRO • XPG 16GB DDR4 3000MHz •

MSI RX 570 4GB • NZXT H510 • Cooler Master MWE 650 V2

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Forget all the rest, Vice Beta Collection is the Best!

2017 Update
Celebrating 15 Years of Vice City

News Update:

Beta Airport Mapping

I have been updating my original Beta Airport models and fixing them slightly to rectify things I never got to in the previous release for this mod, there are also some obvious changes from the last version as shown in the first couple screens below, I chose to include a seconds shorter runway instead of having it as a road like in the previous release, it just fits better and makes more sense, for those that previously did not follow this mod, I had the second runway as a road leading up to a smaller set of buildings to be used as a replacement for the military base, I might still make up some hangers and a building to place at the north east end of the long runway so there is still some kind of military presence at the airport, but on a much smaller scale and just for things like a tank spawning location.

It should be noted that these models are still not complete, I packaged them up and got them in MooMapper as a test so I could play a bit in game and get a feel for it and also check that the modified vehicle/ped paths are working without issue, there is still more details and props to be added so don’t worry if it is looking a little bland at the moment, also the Haiti side adjacent to the Airport needs to be reworked a bit too, but not to get too far ahead of myself I will focus on the main Airport for now and also to get a nice LOD for it too, I’m not skipping them this time.

Changes made to Fort Baxter Air Base / Vice City International Airport







Keep an eye out for more news and updates…

The completion of the Airport mapping will mark the first major release.

To be included in the first major release…

Beta HUD Colours
Beta Airport Map
Beta Vehicle Pack 1
Beta Map Pack 1
Beta Wheels (*1)
Beta Nail gun (*2)


(*1) Trailer 3 Version Beta Wheels, Not GTA 3 Wheels
(*2) Nail gun has been Added, It’s Not Replacing Another Weapon


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Amazing work, keep it up!


Offtopic - It makes me upset that Vice City has almost no good suburban areas, like Kendall or Hialeah. They could've tossed some suburban neighborhoods into the west Island like they did with most of Las Venturas but no, they had to be as unrealistic as possible and that makes me want to set my liver on fire.

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Well I suppose you can't expect Rockstar to get everything right back in the day when things were a little more limited, when you think back to the timeframe on making Vice City and how much smaller the development team would have been back then its still quite amazing what they achieved back then and in the amount of time, but I do still agree with you that it would have been nicer to have the city a bit bigger with a much more diverse spread out map.

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Forget all the rest, Vice Beta Collection is the Best!

2017 Update
Celebrating 15 Years of Vice City


In taking a small break from just working on the Airport, I also set to work on changing the construction site model a bit to fix not only the fact that the LOD always seems to get displayed on top of the site after the mission ‘Demolition Man’ but to make it appear as it did in earlier version of the game, When Looking at the ‘IslandSF’ LOD you can see that some of the floors look kinda see-through, which sounds like just speculation but when viewing the Infernus demo video you can see for about 4 frames the site has a few floors exposed with scaffolding, now even that seems like speculation perhaps until you look at the early Beta Screen below my image which shows an early Tommy model and in the background is the construction site looking basically the same but with some differences to the exterior. Although I think it does not seem to suit it as well as the final design does, since it is from an earlier stage of the game and is something we can recreate, I must still do my best to recreate it and include it in this mod, I also fixed how there was some steel beams that just floated in mid-air above the building with nothing supporting them.

It is my belief that Rockstar may have changed the building from this design for the Mission Demolition Man, so players would not think they could fly through the openings in the scaffolding to get access to the upper floors, even though the collision still prevents this happening.


[Early Beta Screenshot]


At the Airport I have been fixing some of the texture mapping on the new Runways and also working on adding or adjusting the fences around the runways that no longer line up with the changes, it may not look like much has changed but something you can’t see is the night vertex painting so the new parts I made match up and are not darking or brighter than the other parts of the Airport and also I have been messing around with the 2DFX to start laying out the runway lights, I don’t want this to just be a plain Airport map mod, I want it to come to life with all the same small details Rockstar would have done, like they did on the other half of the Airport.



Forget all the rest, Vice Beta Collection is the Best!

2017 Update
Celebrating 15 Years of Vice City

Here is 4 more newly released Beta Vehicles, After happening to end up riding a Faggio the other day when testing the Beta Map I noticed there was a bit of a bug with the model when steering, and with that I decided to remake the Beta Model again myself while also doing a few further changes to it instead of fixing up TripleAs’s version, so while I was at it I also ported the changes over to the PizzaBoy too.

The Hermes is just basically a change to the Grill but I will only make the changes to the standard Hermes, from what I can see there was never any version of the Cuban Hermes with this style Grill, even in very early Beta Shots the Cuban Hermes still has the grill like in the final game so perhaps it was a thing special to that model that got adopted by the standard version later, and finally, the TopFun van has now got the different style logo on it like is pictured in the Game Manual, I originally scanned that logo and recreated it in Adobe Illustrator for my VC Xbox Cars mod so it is a real nice crisp HQ image. I also fixed the Bug with the Bumpers on the Topfun too, but these bugs also affect the Pony still.

[2017 Update – More Vehicles Released]
All Vehicles Now Available at GTA Garage

[Faggio / Hermes]


[PizzaBoy / TopFun]


If you cannot find any download links for Vehicles in the 2017 Completed Update List, feel free to contact me and I will send over a ZIP of what you are after.



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  • 2 weeks later...


Forget all the rest, Vice Beta Collection is the Best!

2017 Update
Celebrating 15 Years of Vice City

8 More Beta Vehicles are now available, I have done my best to judge the looks of the Beta Banshee based on all the crappy pictures of it that are not very big or clear, I think the headlights might need to be made bigger, I’m not too happy with it so if we get into a bit of a discussion on it or things that need changing on it I might redo it again, next the FBI Washington was something I was not looking forward to doing because of all the bugs on it, apart from porting the changes over from the Beta Washington I also had to fix a few things, being, there was no side moulding on the front quarter panels damage model, there was no cracked glass texture on the damaged door models and the body was obviously narrower at some point as the doors and quarter panels stuck inside the car in spots.

The Freeway was mostly a texture replacement job, changing the Body Map and brightening the chrome, but I also replaced the wheels with more rounded models from the Xbox Version (Only the Tyre, I kept the PC Spokes). Most of the work on the Idaho was to do with texturing, changing the textures and remapping a couple spots for things like the headlights and boot garnish, also badges had to be added to both the bonnet and boot. The Maverick just had the Primary and Secondary carcol zones changed a little to make it resemble the version pictured in the games manual, changes to the Regina were quite minimal, basically it was just adding badges to the bonnet and boot, with some retexturing of the taillights and headlights, the biggest work was done on the Tailgate with me adding back the interior parts of its model which are only on the damage model and not the ok model.

The Speeder was basically just a conversion from the Cut-scene model left behind in the games files (Not the model attached to the back of Cortez’s Yacht) the only difference is it has a windscreen and some of the textures were minorly different, Similarly, The Virgo is just the earlier version seen in screenshots known as the Cougar (as that’s what the leftover files for it are called) the model is from the PC game but I took the TXD from the PS2 Version as there is no Cougar TXD in the PC Files and converted it as some of the textures are also different from the Virgo.

[2017 Update – More Vehicles Released]
All Vehicles Now Available at GTA Garage

[banshee / FBI Washington / Freeway]


[idaho / Maverick / Regina]


[speeder / Virgo]


If you cannot find any download links for Vehicles in the 2017 Completed Update List, feel free to contact me and I will send over a ZIP of what you are after.


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  • 3 months later...

What th... How the f*ck I missed this? Those beta vehicles are freakin' amazing, the Police and Washington are just speechless. This is not beta stuff but I hope that you can do the Beta police skin/paintjob but for the Police Maverick and Enforcer, to match the Police car.

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  • 8 months later...
  • 9 months later...

No, just have not got a chance to work on it or have anything progress to a release stage, we don't all get the same amount of free time that we used to for things like this.

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