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No Audio Hardware?



Legit copy. Have no idea why, it worked fine yesterday, but now it is saying I don't have audio, and the set up isn't accessible. Help?

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5 answers to this question

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It could be that your audio drivers have become corrupt for some unknown reason. Try reinstalling them.


If that doesn't fix it, then try reinstalling the game and delete the gta_vc.set file from the User Files folder.

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You can simply try Re-Installing the game and see if it works.


EDIT: Never mind, it's pretty much the same what Girish said, sorry about it!

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Deleting gta_vc.set file should be enough to reset audio. Try that first, before re-installing for no reason.

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Or run an anti-virus scan.

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re-using topic, same problem, i just installed my copy of Vice City the one i always used to play but i got no sound past the intro screens, it says i have no sound hardware and already tried the basic stuff like updating drivers and stuff, i have GTA San Andreas working 100% fine too so i'm clueless about this problem and the installation is fresh, no less than 10 minutes of being installed


System: Windows XP

AC: Realtek Soundcard




Ah never mind i'm an idiot, i tried to play Vice City as soon as i installed it and immediately used a NoCD executable, i had to uninstall and reinstall but this time the first run i left the CD in the driver and that's how i think Vice City actually got the info of my Audio card (and would make sense why people immediately assume that this problem is due to a pirated copy), i'm not sure but i have also to mention that my system is particularly parted, i have 3 partitions at my hard drive and the one of my system is letter D: while the path to the first installation of Vice City was at E:, i don't know or at least don't think this was the problem as GTA III and GA SA installed just fine but this new installation of Vice City is at the same partition that my system.


btw all this after tried everything in the book.




AND what do you think? it has nothing to do with the CD, but with the installation path (provably due to libraries), after the first run i moved the whole VC instalation to my partition E: which is dedicated to programs and stuff that wouldn't be lost in case of the OS dead, i had the same problem with the Audio Hardware even with the CD inside, then i copied back the installation to it's Program Files path and even with the NoCd i have sound, it's weird and this didn't happened in my old PC, but well, sometimes stuff just go weird,

Edited by Caencel

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