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Did you like Toni Cipriani?

Toni Macaroni  

239 members have voted

  1. 1. Toni Macaroni

    • I liked Toni!
    • I didn't like Toni

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I know it's an old topic, but nvm, I'd like to state my opinion.


I guess Toni is a cool protagonist. I don't prefer him over Tommy, CJ, and Vic, but he's still cool. Tbh, I don't see his relationship with Salvatore like 'ass-kisser', he just cares about staying in his rank (getting higher ranks as well) and earning money. As you can see later, after he saved Salvatore, he calls him 'Sal', but not 'boss', and he even talks with him like a friend later, but not a boss, and later on after he has been a made man again he became the right hand-man of Salvatore, and after the last mission of LCS he became a partner of him. "Hey we're both back. You and me!" - "Toni. We did it. We run things now. You and me."

(I guess he's allowed to do whatever Salvatore is allowed to, in the Leone family, except for things that affect Salvatore. However, he still respects Salvatore so much, maybe due to him being an old man, even if he was closely a partner/close friend of Toni.)


Toni's character wouldn't be as great as Tommy's, CJ's, and Vic's, I guess, but it's still tough and a real example of a criminal. Remember what he did to Casa? And what Fort Staunton got from him?


I had a second thought. Nope, I don't really like him. I mean, he's a fine character to play as, but not that good. Although he's tough and strong, he does nothing for himself. He just cleans sh*t for Salvatore, but doesn't care of handling his own relationships with people nor make wise re-actions. Remember when Vincenzo set him up with the law by telling him to steal a car? What did Toni do? Just dumping it, and that's it? No revenge? Won't he threaten Vinny?


I personally think that Vincenzo could've been a better protagonist.

Edited by Kane49
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Loved what he did to casa and the fort Staunton people whine about deconstruction but Toni murdered a lot of civilians himself. Just wish he had more character development like more of him interacting with Vincenzo. 


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toni is smiply one of the best protagonist. i son’t understand this lapdog thing peope say, he gets the job done, he gets paid. just a straight criminal.

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On ١٢ سبتمبر، ٢٠١٢ at 3:00 PM, Mr_Leone said:

Toni may have been an ass kisser, but a pussy? He has the second highest kill count in the GTA series.

Actually the highest kill count in the series...

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Yes, personally. While I don’t like him as much as Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, Tommy Vercetti, Luis Fernando Lopez, or Claude, I really like him quite a bit! :)

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