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Los Santos State Police Banner

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Hi. Hope I'm not asking much here but I would like a banner for a little police clan a few friends and I are starting.

I would like the banner to be a clean design and professional looking, I am just requesting for some simple text (possible 3D) and

the requested "Agency Logo" on the banner also.


Dimensions: No more then 828px wide

Main Text: San Andres State Police

Motto: Courtesy, Loyalty, Service

Image: http://i.imgur.com/7lK4I.jpg









Also something a bit harder, I am in need of a couple unique logos for the clan and for each division. Below is a list of

every logo I would like with just a quick example and requested text or contents. Please make them one of a kind and

unique, I am provide examples but that all they are. Thanks.



Agency Logo

Text: "San Andres State Police" & "Courtesy, Loyalty, Service"

Other Contents: Eagle or anything that looks professional

Example: HERE



Text: "San Andres State Police - Special Weapons and Tactics", "SWAT", & "Professionalism At Its Best"

Other Contents: SWAT Eagle

Example: HERE


Criminal Investigations Division Logo

Text: "Criminal Investigations Division", "Preventing Crime and Saving Lifes", & "SASP"

Other Contents: Eagle holding the arrows in his claws but replace the arrows with a magnifying glass.

Example: HERE


Air Support Unit

Text: "San Andres State Police Air Support Unit" & "The Eye In The Sky"

Other Contents: Helicopter

Example: HERE


Patrol Support Unit (Highway Patrol & ATV)

Text: "San Andres State Police Support Unit" & "ATV & Motorcycle Response Team"

Other Contents: Wheel W/ Wings

Example: HERE


Hazardous Material and Explosives Control Unit (HazMat)

Text: "San Andres State HazMat & Explosives Control Unit"

Other Contents: Same thing as the example just no blood and the left triangle have handcuff or a gun.

Example: HERE


Emergecny Dispatch

Text: "San Andres State Communications Center" & "Dispatch Certified"

Other Contents: Just use the example but either remove the flag or use two American flags.

Example: HERE


Training Academy

Text: "San Andres State Police Training Academy", "Making Troopers & Making Heroes" & "Courtesy, Loyalty, Service, Tradition" (IN MIDDLE)

Other Contents: Sane images that are in the example.

Example: HERE




Thank you agian.

Edited by xMilSpecRedneck

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Nice work, Arejai. icon14.gif

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Thank you Arejai. They do look great!

Keep up the good work.

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