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Sons of Anarchy


Recommended Posts

Your always host the thread of these awesome shows biggrin.gif.


I guess that is your style tounge.gif.



Ahh in all seriousness, It really does take some memory jogging for me sometimes to remember everything. But I remember a good chunk. Finally glad to see it coming back.


I think obviously Clay by the looks of it, is going to try to get his spot back as the president some how. Only reason I remember him being alive is for some deal that needs him. I lost most of my respect for him, so yea he is should be grateful he is still around tounge.gif.


Like I said, it is going to take some memory jogging for me to come up with better posts tounge.gif..

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I'm the same way; there's just too much that has gone on for me to remember what's going on or - for that matter - where it'll go. I have a feeling the 9ers will be playing a bigger role if I'm remembering the events of season 4 correctly.


By the way, Tara's gonna be a badass this season. I think there will be an interesting dynamic; she'll hate Gemma and become more like her as it develops.

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Howard Stern was talking about this show a couple of weeks ago and pointed out how it's simultaneously awesome and terrible. It really is a guys show, I can't imagine it has a large female following. The story can be shallow at times and sometimes the dialogue is just f*cking cringe worthy but the violence and wild man shenanigans keep me coming back. I might have to re-watch some of last season to get caught up again, I can't quite remember where exactly everything left off but I'm excited for next week's premiere.

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I've been rewatching the whole series up 'til season 5 premier date... forgot how much of a c*nt that ATF bitch was. Catching alot of stuff I didn't before, especially references to Hamlet. It's cool to see stuff like that. I'm just wondering what Clay's role is going to be in season 5.


I think the main reason I started this thread is to cope with the wait for Breaking Bad season 5B to be honest... tounge.gif

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Could never get into this show, I just wasn't gripped by the drama or the characters, or their stupid names.

Naww... Man.


You gotta give it another chance, right from the start.


Watch a few episode, better than any of the other sh*t on TV really.


Also, despite being listed as a 'drama' I feel The Sopranos was way more dramatic and even then I barely noticed that.

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Could never get into this show, I just wasn't gripped by the drama or the characters, or their stupid names.

Give it another chance man. It's the best tv show out there!


Can't wait for season five! smile.gif

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Could never get into this show, I just wasn't gripped by the drama or the characters, or their stupid names.

They do have stupid names don't they.


Jax, Gemma, Clay, Chibs, and Tig, and Juice.


Still not as bad as the Hunger Games.

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I haven't seen this show yet, and my blockbuster que has it on "very long wait" should I just buy it? Is it that good?

If you're a dude you'll like it, it's not great but it's not sh*t, it really speaks to your inner caveman. It's very tribal and violence oriented, not as sophisticated as The Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire, it's much more primal.

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I can't believe SoA is back already, the past year has absolutely flown by for me. The last season was the best, hopefully we see more of the same.

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Just finished up season 2. Really loving all the references to Hamlet that I missed before. It's really just like a modern re-visioning of it. Here's something I pulled off wiki:


"The family drama is loosely based on Shakespeare's Hamlet; indeed, star Ron Perlman has said, "I'm sure they’re going to stick to the structure of Hamlet all the way to the end" of the series. Clay is based on the role of King Claudius and Gemma as a Gertrude figure. Jax stands in for Prince Hamlet himself. Jax's reflective questioning of the SOA culture, brought on by the birth of his son, references Hamlet's melancholy over the death of the king. Additionally, Jax "communicates" with his dead father by way of his late father's unpublished journal/manuscript; Hamlet, of course, literally communicates with the ghost of his father. The drama and characterizations are also enhanced by drawing on Macbeth, another Shakespeare tragedy. Katey Sagal's Gertrude-like Gemma resembles Lady Macbeth because—while it is never entirely clear from Hamlet how complicit Queen Gertrude is in the murder of Hamlet's father—it is obvious that Gemma has willingly participated in the cover-up of the death and may even have encouraged Clay in his treachery. Creator Sutter has said of the Shakespeare element, "I don't want to overplay that but it's there. It was Jax's father who started the club, so he's the ghost in the action. You wonder what he would have made of the way it turned out. It's not a version of Hamlet but it's definitely influenced by it."


I've always like Hamlet, good play and story. Here's a comparison I made between characters in Hamlet and SoA. Pretty accurate I'd say...


CLAY MORROW- He is King Claudius, Hamlet's Uncle.


JAX TELLER- He is Prince Hamlet.


GEMMA TELLER-MORROW- She is Queen Gertrude.


TIG TRAGER- I think he's Laertes.


CHIBS TELFORD- Well, I can't find a character, so let's just label him as one of Hamlet's lackies.


PINEY WINSTON- I think he's Polonius so I don't think it's him.


OPIE WINSTON- He is Horatio, Hamlet's childhood friend.


JUICE ORTIZ- He seems to be Osric, a foolish courtier (see the comparison?)


TARA KNOWLES- She is Ophelia.


I was also surprised at how much Hamlet is refrenced in The Lion King. Take a look.

Edited by GTA-King
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Well f*ck me sideways and call me Sally.


Great attention to detail King!


I can't say I'm a huge fan of Hamlet, but I do know it moderately well and your linking above seems to be almost 100%, but I can't help the feeling that something is missing from it.. confused.gif

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DVRing the premiere, right now. Will watch after the Angels' game.

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About to watch the premier. icon14.gif


I'm still rooting for Tig. Have been since the beginning. He is such an interesting character. Kim Coats, the actor, is a big fan of Shakespeare's work, and you can tell by the way he plays the character. Tig is interesting because he's very loyal to the club, as well as Clay. I felt really bad for him when he accidentally killed Donna, especially after learning how sorry he was (remember the bad shrooms trip he had?). Going to be interesting to see how Tig is now, since he is no longer supporting Clay.


user posted image



Edited by GTA-King
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I'm excited to see Tig go apesh*t. I thought it was a nice touch to show that Pope might be remorseful for what he did, for a second you see it in his face after the ice cream truck.


Also like the addition of Jimmy Smits.


Great premiere.

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I'm excited to see Tig go apesh*t. I thought it was a nice touch to show that Pope might be remorseful for what he did, for a second you see it in his face after the ice cream truck.


I'm not sure that was remorse, struck me more as him just reflecting on what he's lost. Pope seems like an interesting character though - more of an intellectual than a thug. Will be interesting to see how the Sons deal with him.


This will be Tig's season, and its about time I think. So many things to delve into with him as a character, but he's been neglected thus far.

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The premiere started off slow but god damn did it turn up near the end, I think Tig watching his own daughter being burned alive might have been the most intense scene of the series so far. I wonder how far Tig's loyalty will go, surely he'll start to connect the dots and see that his daughter's death was largely due to Clay lying about who shot him. So not only did he kill an innocent girl but his own girl ends up being murdered, Jesus Christ, I think a few main characters might die on us this season which might be the reason they introduced the Nomads who were patched in.

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Right, I physically had to navigate this thread blind lol.gif



I can't find anywhere in the UK to watch the first few episodes. Looked online and nothing. Anyone know of anywhere? Could you please send me a Private Message if you do, I can't risk coming into this thread again and not get anything spoiled alien.gif

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Already caught up. I watched every episode up to date in 2 weeks, y'all proud of me? tounge.gif


I'm wasn't sure Tig's daughter being burned to death was the bad. It didn't physically make me tense up, like some of the torture scenes in the past. I think the torture scenes are much worse. The one where the VP of the Belfast chapter gets tortured was probably the most intense, for me anyway. Or maybe when Otto loses his eye?


That's a good point, I wonder what they'll do with Otto? Anything else before he receives his sentence you reckon?


Yeah, I noticed the peg-legged dude. Just because he's got a peg-leg doesn't mean it is the same peg-leg as the Nomad. I guess we'll soon find out!



Does episode 2 air tonight?

Edited by Diggdydog
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