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[TUT] GTA IV styled logo


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user posted image



Hello everyone! Cause of school my activity here is very lame but i successful some time to make this tutorial.


First open photoshop and chose font you want:


user posted image


Go to 'layer style' 'stroke' and choose white color


user posted image


Then go to 'outer glow' mode select 'screen' 'opacly' 100%,color black and size 5


user posted image


Next go to 'Bevel and Emboss' select style as 'Outer Bevel' and 'Tehnique' as 'Chisel Hard'. Depth must be over '70' and size 5


user posted image



After that go to 'Gradiant Overlay' select mode as 'Normal','Opacity' as 30 and make the color same from the picture down


user posted image


And here's the result:


user posted image



Watch this tutorial at Youtube:





See my other pictures using this way to make it:



user posted image


user posted image


Edited by AnDReJ98
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Renamed [Tutorial] to [TUT] so is easier for members to search, also added to the archive. icon14.gif
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blitz: Thanks sister! wink.gif


NS6: Oh sorry for that [tutorial] i forgot to write [TUT],anyway thanks for adding this to archive! icon14.gif

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Short and nice, thanks AnDReJ98 icon14.gif


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Thank you for comments guys,in this moment i'm making video! P.S: Everyone can call me Andrej (my real name) or A98. icon14.gif





Edited by AnDReJ98
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Yeah,thanks,everybody thought GTA IV style is hard to make,actually it's more easy than SA's style. icon14.gif
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