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GTAForums Requests & Tutorials Rules Topic

This forum can be used to request various signatures, avatars, and images for whatever reason you may need them. In the past, this area has become a target for both spam and ungrateful users. In order to cut down on that, we've instituted a set of rules decided upon by community members. Our goal is two-fold: to streamline requests and to make sure that users kind enough to fulfill requests aren't being taken advantage of.

Base Rules

  • Request Limits - When you make a request topic and it is filled, you must wait four days before making another request. If nobody has responded to your request after three days, then you may bump up your topic. You may make multiple requests in one topic, but use your best judgement. Moderators are allowed to use discretion as to what constitutes "excessive" requests.
    • Gang graphics are not exempt from this rule.
  • Request Formats - While not absolutely necessary, it will help get your request fulfilled much quicker and to your liking. We will not lock your topic if you don't specify what shade of purple the monkey doing a backflip should be.

    Here's a handy request guide that can be copied/pasted:
    CODE Name: If you want a name on your graphic, state it here. Whether it's your username or something different. On the other hand, if you don't want a name on it, also say so here.

    Size: Put the size of graphic wanted.

    Theme: Put an extended description of the theme you want. Including positions of anything and everything, and text that you want included.

    Resources: Post links to any logos, screenshots, or fonts you'd like.

    Colours: Color scheme you'd like.

    Additional info: Anything additional you want added/done.
  • Avatars must be 100x100 and 100kb or under


  • General Etiquette
    • No Double Posting - Self explanatory. The only exception is to bump a topic if it has received no replies for 3 days.
    • Stay On Topic - Keep topics free of spam, derails, and unnecessary chat. Don't hijack another user's topic for your own requests.
    • Don't abuse users' generosity - The users here are not obligated to do anything for you. You're not entitled to anything. And if you decide to be a dick to someone providing you a free service here? Don't be surprised if you get banned.
  • Ripping - In short, ripping is art theft. If you need more reading material, this is a good place to start.
  • Replying to Spam - If you see a post that breaks any of the above rules, do NOT post in the thread. Report the thread to moderators and move on. Do not post in the thread. Don't reply to spam. Simple!

When you registered for this forum, you basically agreed to follow whatever rules the moderating staff put into place. There are a few things you have to remember about this:

  • These rules are here because YOU wanted them
  • You are a guest on a FREE service. You are not entitled to anything. This is not a democracy.
  • We, above all, will cover our own asses. We will not be party to any lawsuits because you guys f*cked up. This is important, because art theft (ripping/plagiarism) can EASILY result in lawsuits. Hell, we'll fully cooperate with any investigation regarding it because we sure as hell aren't paying damages.

Now that we have that out of the way, here's what you can expect if you fail to follow the rules, or if you decide to break them willingly:

  • Requesting too often - Your topic will be locked, with a link to this rules thread. On second violation, you will be barred from making any requests for one week and face possible warnings. If you decide to break the request limit for a third time, you can start to expect temporary bans.
  • Bumping topics before those 3 days - Same as above. Locked topic, barred from requests, and then possible temporary bans.
  • Ripping/Plagiarism/Theft - Upon sufficient proof, the most likely outcome is a permanent ban on your account. Ignorance is not an excuse.
  • Double Posting/Spam - Reminders, warnings, and temporary bans depending on severity and number of occurrences.
  • Failing to Follow Format Guideline - No punishment, but don't be surprised if your request isn't fulfilled.
  • Replying to Spam - This is just as bad as spamming. If you post in a rule-breaking thread (even if you report it), you can expect warnings.

If you see one of these rules being broken, the easiest way to get something done about it is to click the "Report" button. It will send us a message and let us know that something is potentially wrong. If you don't report the thread, then we don't know. If you post in the thread without reporting it, you're going to have a bad time.

If the post has already been reported but nothing has been done, PM the Forum Leaders:


Additional Info:

Any designer/artist can not create a signature shop (topic) in which they let members use as a means for requesting. Here is a prime example: click here


If you decide to come here and make a request, please follow the rules and be descriptive while requesting.


Acceptable Request:


Type: Signature

Colors: Red, blue

Size: Forum size or (custom size)

Resources: (list of available images, fonts wanted, etc)

requests dont necessarily need to be this format, but be descriptive


If you request, make sure you supply artists with resources to use. This will make your request fulfilled much quicker and allows the artist to work quickly without having to research himself.


Unacceptable Request:


I need a sig .. thanks


If your request falls under unacceptable or lacks an appropriate amount of details, your topic will be removed/locked. So take your time when requesting and add every little detail you can. That way artists don't have to work double for your request. Remember, when you don't add details and someone makes your request and you're not satisfied, it's your fault, not theirs.


Rockstar Social Club Emblems:


Please use the pinned topic for Social Club Emblem requests. This is to avoid confusion between normal GFX requests and Emblem hacks.

This will be reconsidered and updated after the PC release.

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Edited the Request Format rule, giving details such as colors/fonts are no longer a must, that should give artists more freedom.


Added a new rule under Additional Info, this will keep individual designer topics from being made and more freedom for other



Added new format to be used when requesting, this allows for members to be more descriptive of their request.

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