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The Last Gamer

James Earl Cash Player Model

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The Last Gamer

Hey there, GTA co-partners in crime! This is The Last Gamer with a post for my first mod.


This is a mod that replaces Carl "CJ" Johnson, from GTA San Andreas, to the protagonist of Rockstar's stealth/horror game Manhunt, James Earl Cash. To install, just follow the instructions as told here:


1. Backup your files, in case the mod crashes, or if you just want to uninstall it.

2. Use IMGTool v2.0 (can be found in GTAGarage.com) and open the "player.img" file in the folder models of your GTA San Andreas.

3. Extract the contents of the .rar somewhere in your PC.

4. Replace the files inside the folder to the files in "player.img".

5. Open your game and enjoy! (No need to start new game)

6. Forget about "head.dff". It's the same as "cs_head.dff"


Used files from Manhunt "cash_pc.txd" and "cash_pc.dff" to create the mod.


Cash head model finally completed. No bugs and/or glitches found. If you find any, contact me.

Edited by The Last Gamer

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Anything new or just another poorly converted model from Manhunt, which was done so many time over the years? Show some screenshots from the game.

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How to download ? D':>

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Man, there should be a test you have to take before making an account on this site.

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