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Obama or Romney.

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The title speaks for it self. I want Obama to win personally. How about you guys?

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El Dildo

considering that we have an extensive 2012 Presidential thread already going in Off Topic, I'm going to say that this probably isn't necessary.


it's also not really a debate.

not in the spirit of this forum.

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I want Obama to win as well. I have examined the beliefs of both major candidates and have determined that Obama will serve my goals much better than Mitt Romney will.


Fortunately, Obama will be the winner because even hardcore Republicans don't like Mitt Romney. Plus he's mormon and evangelicals likely aren't too happy about that. His problem is that he simply isn't very likable or trustworthy. He's not a war hero like Bob Dole or John McCain, so it's not like he can run on his military service.


As long as Obama doesn't do anything stupid enough to anger the fence sitting conservatives, he'll be a shoe in.


I think Paul Ryan was a decent choice for VP, but it won't help nearly enough to get Romney elected.

Edited by Chunkyman

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A loaded rifle

Romney, only because I am a right-wing supporter. I would of loved to have someone like Ron Paul, or Rick Santorum for president.


My dad ordered like $200 of sh*t from the Romney website, and we never got it. LOL.

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There's already a more than 60 page thread discussing this in General Chat. We don't need two, and the discussion so far has been too casual to warrant it's continued placement in D&D. Locked.

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