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London 2012 Paralympic Games

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Is there anyone on GTAF that is going to be watching this? I know it is not as popular as the actual Olympics but the Paralympians are the ones that have an extraordinary talent that are able to break through their boundaries to do something extraordinary. I for one will be watching it throughout and will be checking out the Athletics and Wheelchair Racing venues.


How about you?

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Yeah I'll be watching, it's good to see some sport on TV again I was missing the Olympic action. I managed to catch most of the opening ceremony this evening, it's been very touching so far, some really inspirational words from Stephen Hawking.

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Indeed, I gotta say when the Olympics/Paralympics comes on there's a great atmosphere throughout because it really is the greatest stage on planet Earth, the most talented individuals in sport arrive at one location to break records.

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I joked about Robinski's tears of pride when Jessica Ennis won, but I simply cannot watch some of these events without tearing up, and feeling just overwhelmed by the strength and determination of some of these athletes. Some of it makes hard and uncomfortable viewing, but there are just so many stories behind each individual, and seeing them make their dreams come true in this way, really gets to me.


Truely inspiring, the American archer without no arms, the blind flamboyant Brazilian sprinter and again British athletes doing this nation proudly.


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4 Bagger

Some of these events are fantastic to watch. I watched some wheelchair tennis (don't know the actual name of it, sorry) and it was great to watch. A lot of skill involved in that.


I also watched blind football yesterday and I really enjoyed it.

I was also watching some of the athletics and swimming earlier. Brilliant to watch. icon14.gif

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Former Formula 1 driver Alex Zanardi won the gold medal in the handbiking competition. That man is great.

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It seems to me that some of the people in the para-Olympics shouldn't be there because they don't seem to have a disability (being stupid isn't classed having a disability). For example: there was one athlete that was perfectly normal in everyone except when she claims she drinks she gets Cerebral Palsy. Now, as person with CP the symptoms would be visible to others regardless of whether she drank or not.

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4 Bagger

Rihanna sounds f*cking dreadful in this closing ceremony. I've produced farts that sound better than she does.

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