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GTA VC/Not Enough Video Memory

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Hello guys...if you have read my first thread...screw it...I just decided to get rid of GTA San Andreas and purchase legally Gta Vice City...


All steps ran smoothly but when I clicked on GTA Vice City after the installation,an error message popped to me out :''Grand Theft Auto VC cannot find enough available video memory''.


I don't know the system requirements for GTA VC....so I'll give you my specs and tell me if I can ran GTA VC or not...also if you tell me to buy a video card F.O.R.G.E.T I.T!!! I ain't give more money to play this game...if you have a free solution please write it!


So...here my Pc's specs...if I have forgotten something please tell me...


System Information



Machine name: PC

Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.120504-1619)

System Manufacturer: ASUS

System Model: P4R800-V DELUXE

BIOS: Phoenix - Award BIOS v6.00PG

Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.00GHz

Memory: 446MB RAM

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Reinstall your video drivers. Also make sure that in 'Display Properties', your hardware acceleration level is set to 'Full'. Confirm that all DirectX / 3D features are enabled in 'dxdiag' as well. Make sure you have at least 32+MB of VRAM.

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can you be more spesific? I mean how I delete and re-install my video drivers? sorry dude but I dont know too much things for pc...also where is the display properties?...and how can I see if I have 32MB of VRAM?

Edited by GmT12

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Just tell us the name the Video Card.

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Check your display properties from control panel. Your mobo has integrated gpu, ati 9100 with 128mb max. Go to Bios at boot, and raise video memory to +32mb. It will be taken from your system Ram so don't too high, because VC needs 386mb if I right remember. Also download and install the latest possible drivers from ati.

P4R800-V has got also APG 8x slot, but I'd be guessing yours is empty. You can check it from display properties, or by opening the case. From Bios You also select between integrated graphics or agp video card.

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PLEASE anyone help me i also got thhe same problem but i do everything i got nothing have anyone a simple answer?

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, because VC needs 386mb if I right remember


That's not really true, as I used to play this game quite well on a VIA/SIS video card with 32MB vram...Played III and SA quite well as well on that same card...lol tounge2.gif


On-topic-What is your Video card? To find out, go to Start, Run and type in DXDIAG and press Enter, then click the Display tab and it will show the Video card information.

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This is an old bumped thread--


@ MODDER--- please start a new thread (so helpers don't confuse the info being provided (like Radioman just did wink.gif )... people can have similar problems but the solutions may be different based on your system and set up.


Please post all your systems specs... be as specific as possible.. especially hardware-- video, ram, cpu, and OS


Also provide history-- did the game work before, is it modded, etc... the more info you can provide up front, the faster you can get you problem solved....


I am going to lock this--





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