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Chad Warden

GTA IV Stealthy Sniper Challenge

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Chad Warden

GTA IV - Stealthy Sniper Challenge


GTA IV is an old game. You have most likely beaten the game multiple times. In this little challenge, it'll help prolong your gaming experience. This is a hard task to do, considering Sniping isn't ALWAYS the option available, but I assure you it is worth it. The fun I've had trying it thus far has been awesome. It will be a little tideous at first, because you wont HAVE a sniper right away, but I'll have a remedy for that issue right away.


The idea of the challenge is to Get A High Number Of Kills With Sniper/Combat Rifle, and that WILL be difficult. Another side goal is to get a high Kills By Headshots in your stats. On most missions, it shouldn't be an issue, but on some it will get very tricky.


This brings a whole new element to role-playing as a murderous psychopath. Using a tactic of surprise to eliminate targets without the need to show yourself. This will cost you a a lot of money if you don't plan on befriending Jacob or going to places to get the gun, however.


The Rulebook


- No cheats. Yes, it will be tempting to just get your sniper in the beginning of the game, but trust me cheating makes you feel like ass. You never want to cheat.

- No using other weapons UNLESS in a car chase, but if you have to make his vehicle go to the crapper then finish him off when he jumps out with a Sniper Rifle.

- Don't exploit glitches or bugs if you find any.

- No rampages. Stick to the story!


Helpful Guideline


Sniping explosive barrels is allowed to rack up kills.


Sniping cars until they explode is allowed.


Headshots aren't mandatory, but we'll be using it as a score.


You can get the Combat Sniper from Little Jacob if you befriend him early in the game.


Helpful Hints


You can get a Sniper Rifle from LJ early on, however until then feel free to use whatever weapon you want.


Taxi's will take you a bit too close to the enemy, either drive or set a waypoint to not garner any unwanted attention.


Go with armor because things might get messy if they catch you.


If you drive to the location, go ahead and proceed to climb to a vantage point. If no vantage point is available, duck behind your vehicle.


Executions are easy headshots so feel free to scope in on his temple.


Luring Enemies Out Of Cover


Shoot a barrel near by or shoot in the area they are in to make them stand up, and when they do pop 'em. If they are behind cover or inaccessible, move to another nearby vantage point to execute them.


The Car Isn't Going To Last Long


If enemies are behind a car, or a car is in the vicinity, blow it up with your high power sniper. I wouldn't recommend this though, as it wastes a ton of ammo, but if you can get it to pop off quick then go ahead. It might be hard to do, but if you're in a pickle it will certainly help you out.



Hip Fire


When in a tight situation, feel free to hip fire until they're down. Go behind cover and recklessly aim your gun towards the victim. Snipers can usual kill in two hits so if you manage to hit him then you're good as gravy. Close quarters combat is when this challenge becomes a challenge.



Finding Sniper Rifles



Can be found on a gantry crane at the docks where the Platypus is berthed, which is located on Mohanet Ave. Specifically, the gantry crane closest to the bow on the starboard side of the ship. Only found after Luck of the Irish.



Can be found atop a ferry terminal-type structure in Gantry Park, located off Dukes Drive. From the leftmost portion of the docks, the rifle is located atop the second structure. Again, only found after Luck of the Irish.



Northwood - Can be found atop a crude oil refining tower at the intersection of Exeter Ave and Grummer Rd, near the water's edge. This is the only sniper you're able to get at the beginning of the game, but it's easy to get Busted or Wasted with a 6-star wanted level.



Hatton Gardens - Can be found atop the roof of the Civilization Committee building on Albany Ave, resting on the peak of the black dome. This roof also contains a unique stunt jump. Players are advised to acquire this rifle only as a last resort, since any entry onto the CC premises triggers a four-star wanted level.



Acter - Can be found on the roof of an apartment complex off Aspdin Drive. A helicopter is required, as there is no roof access from the ground.

Acter Industrial Park - Can be found atop another crude oil refining tower on Trinity Rd on the southwestern end of the Acter Industrial Park.





Good luck, and happy sniping. Post your scores.



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