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[REL] Blender DFF IO For III/VC/SA

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Why i save DFF skin, my gta sa crash???

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I know this thread is old AF.

I can't install 3DS MAX, i'm stuck in WindowsXP.

And if is possible i don't want to use Zmodeler.


Maybe some one can help me with this:













It's maybe i know nothing about modelling, and even less i know about modding. And the major modification to a weapon model made by my in Blender with this script is delete the flash of a weapon. When i put it in the game using Modloader, the game was ok and it's seemed like no problem.


Anyway, i was trying to retexture the buggy vanilla weapons in SA, but the model is bad, so i was only testing unwrapping the weapon to make a texture. So i used smart unwrapping in blender so the texture can be the less buggy possible. It's seems acceptable in Blender, then i exported to DFF and loaded into the game, this is what happened.














I even thinked it was a problem of 2pass rendering from Silent's patch. NO. That isn't the issue.


What can be the problem? I'm missing some option when exporting from Blender? or a option while i'm working on Blender?


Please, some help?






Nevermind, wrong tool. This does the job. GTA Tools for Blender














Edited by Concavax

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