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[REL|SA] RoSA Project


Recommended Posts

There are no textures from SRT3 in this mod!


RoSA Project - global re-texture of San Andreas to HD.

Planned two versions:
1) Realistic - includes the texture of the real names of cities, shopping, advertising (billboards), the real texture of sidewalks, etc.;
2) Standard - includes only the texture similar to standard. All names and other etc. will remain the same, but the texture quality will increase by 2-3 times.

Basic of modifications - the textures in 1024x1024 resolution.
Major roads and highways (highway) - 2048x2048.
Rest texture - not less than 512c512


  • dima001rus
  • MaKs_IV

Special thanks:

  • yojo2
  • Zera
  • Trisepta (T-777)
  • Gazanfar
  • DimZet13
  • Mateod4
  • LostMc
  • mafioso

All screenshots and images on maks-gmc.gallery.ru , Click to button "Оригинал" to full size.

Trailer RoSa project -

RoSa project on Moddb - Click Edited by dima001rus
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Looks nice so far, and competition will be though now (SRT3, HRT 1.4, RoSA and some other re-texture).


Btw, why was first topic deleted?

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Listen to very carefully. You first hijacked the entire version of SRt3 and merge it with other Snow Mod without permission from me or ParoXum, further more you were using it on Moddb were SRt3 exist already with me as a member including ParoXum [and look at that, two things in one place] and this wasn't acceptable because you know WHY; you just don't simply take something from Moddb on such huge scale that is not even a complete finished mod, as so far there are numberous members here from ENB thread that knows what you did. So much RAGE you boys did on me back then, the lastest schumbag from this earth I might be to you, but for you guys was TOO DAMN HARD for you both when I told some understanding. Oh, no - how could I dare to interrupt from your daily desk homework.


Listen boys, I spend my own time for my own desire and pleasure to continue something because I know that I can do something, that ParoXum left and already in 3 years and from 2005 back as already this is history, then just to ask only for a simple consideration to not spread it in millions of versions, but who f*ck cares, ZA INTERNET, yet others understood and appreciated my understandings.


Actually what you comparing now is made by ParoXum as you may think I made them, of course as you don't know which are made by me or him, as I don't no idea what method he used some babbling about some CS textures when you at this moment are using the entire internet for this project with all the websites, so who is the dump now ?. I ain't here to live for a stupid competion as this mods will be here for the next 20 years are you going to muck up SRt3 until you gain a fat40years old guy, uh ?


If you are trying to sell donuts, showing somehow the reflection of your success over another mods back; SRt3 - that doesn't have anything to do with you, your time, your life because THERE IS NO REASON TO SHOW TO SOMEBODY SRt3 compare-pictures to something that is not even related as textures methods and styles like SRt3 is just had been discovered. There are plently of mods out there with textures and nobody pointed out SRt3 just for the charm. You are doing this crap now on me in mother-russia drunk vodka revenge some sort, so how about you erase those little comparison of SRt3 before a MOD/Admin will mop your topic again. Don't think you come here like how you live on your own russian forums. That kind of sh*t here is reported.


Mind your own mod, make it in such way for everybody to appreciate over time, don't include other mods just to show your specialities, because this is how you grow here over time, othersiwe will rip your topic legs for the next 5 years until I get a ban and everything goes down to sh*t. I don't tolerate this kind of crap as I never made comparison between mods in any game so far so you better do the same and I will not come here to dictate because I don't have reasons.


Do not come to me and tell other story because it WAS ALL OF YOUR FAULT HERE, not mine, this happens when you just don't listen. I protect what I make like any other modder that is living here or on Moddb, tens, hundreds. Ever wonder what will happend if the things turns like the russian roulete, now I can take your mod and piss off magicaly as you did. How you gonna feel it ? Eh, you never though of that coming, turning around by entering to gtaforums. Chill, I ain't like you or your buddy, plus my age is telling that.




End Of History.




Yes, first topic was deleted due ParoXum reports and afterwards from me on a difference of a month. A month stood here without being reported by any member and some clap for the good progress of someting never made by them, year 2011.







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I'm so looking forward to this RoSA Project!

Finally detailed textures in the right GTA SA colors and not that pixelated and too light or too dark.

I hope one day I can download and install this RoSA in my GTA SA smile.gif

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Wow, nice! I never really was a fan of retexturing (HD) mods, but this one looks good! I like how you're only revamping the originals, not doing something enterely new. Good luck with this! Looking foward smile.gif

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In my opinion SRT3 looks better than RoSA in comparison, not sure why you did that. But in the end nothing beats SA-IV. I think a beta was released. tounge.gif

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Wow, nice! I never really was a fan of retexturing (HD) mods, but this one looks good! I like how you're only revamping the originals, not doing something enterely new. Good luck with this! Looking foward smile.gif

Exactly what you said. Most of the (HD) retexture mods only have entirely new details like colors and other.

And that never fits perfectly into GTA SA.

Keep it cool, keep it original!

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You know, there was no comparison screens in the first topic, we added them to show that we didn't steal SRt. (As I understand, first topic was deleted because of this)

And yeah, unlike you we'll allow to use our mod in other mods. And, among other things, you simply doesn't answer to us, when we asked. We though, that you quit modding long ago.

We use textures from internet? Yes, but Rockstar also used them, and we even found some originals of their textures.

If you want to - we can remove the comparative screenshots.



@PrometheusX Watch in full size.

Edited by dima001rus
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Like this mod. I actually like you're going for a true vibe of each city. Rockstar seemingly created a generic environment for every city, but you're directly getting the vibe. I also like that you're going for a more cleaner environment, rather than the excessive grittiness that SRT had.


By the way, are you doing timecyc?


EDIT: Nevermind, saw new timecyc. Me likey.

Edited by Death2Drugs
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@-BLITZ- We though, that you quit modding long ago.


Nobody ever mentioned such thing or at least me. I'm still here. I have no reason to quit, is not like a job.



We use textures from internet? Yes, but Rockstar also used them, and we even found some originals of their textures.


CS Source is also using R* textures.


http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/14/13...assault0005.jpg - The middle crane building

http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/12/11119/03.JPG - in the right image, the building with the top corners cut shape.

The textures can be found in their files.



If you want to - we can remove the comparative screenshots.


PrometheusX - not sure why you did that


You heard PrometheusX. Yes, its a good idea that you should remove them, if what your saying is true, that you just want to show in your pictures that you aren't using SRt3 as base source, you don't need to prove that anymore, everyone from here will know, you are already showing only from your comparing with ROSA and R* textures that you aren't using SRt3 and you want to show what you did.


You know, I'm kinda surprised to see a positive answer, I hope so, I thought you will rage again or something. Ussually I get such anwers, since I got very used with it in some revenge or something.


If you will prove yourself of good maners, you will be very appreciated if you will respect some generic rules here, you already got few members interest. I don't need to show forgivens, you will get it in time due to your work done here.

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Following this since march. Great to see this here...

But you didn't post lots of SS like you post in GMC Forums.

Great work...


PS: I have no f*cking clue why you guys hate SRT, most of you posted in it's own topic "keep up the awesome work". And that's an alternative mod who wants more "dirtier" gameplay.

It's pointless. Blitz's working on this mod since beginning of 2008, and try to be more respectful for creator of that huge mod. And. He is still working on this mod to make it more better, even with an old computer.

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By MaKs_IV:


Hey, Blitz, we're not going to argue with you and continue to swear. Screenshots Rosa vs Srt3 were shown only in order to prove that we do not use your modification. Oh, and because many people asked us, what is the difference between the Srt3 and RoSA.


But, I want to tell you, nothing to say bad things about Russia and Ukraine, and our rules modding.

Oh, believe me, our forums have modmakers a hundred times better than yours, so nothing nothing to write bad things...


We not use textures only from Internet. I use a lot of my textures, many textures I do from scratch, so there's nothing to talk about our project so bad.


I understand you have a bad opinion of me. I hope you understand what I wrote, but I know that in my text are too many errors. xD


I hope, we will not swear or argue for a reason. I would like to unban me on this site to often update this theme and to add more news. Thank you for your understanding.

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By MaKs_IV:


I do from scratch, so there's nothing to talk about our project so bad.


And same here for me, that's why it takes so much time, I'm using brushes and effects.


You have a deal as long as SRt3 is not mentioned anymore, you removed the compare pictures so I don't need anything else from your guys to tell.

Good luck with your project.



Manhunt has textures actually from GTA III world and SA still has from III & Vice City textures. R* has a small range when comes with their textures. I can't belive they used them in about everygame they made. I don't know if lazyness or they just wanted to make their universes very close to each game.

  • Like 1
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MipMaps and LOD included too?

Is it just a re-texture of the map? Or are you going to include other things like particle.txd, effectsPC.txd, player.img etc

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This looks really nice, I give you best of luck with this mod biggrin.gif, one question tho, Are you gonna re-texture the peds and vehicles or just the map?


EDIT: I didn't see methodunderg post blush.gif that was kind of what I was asking

Edited by Recevr999
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Haha, I didn't mention those two.. but I meant to as well ^

I dunno if this is just a map (and maybe interiors) retexture; or a total re-texture of San Andreas (effects/particles, peds, buildings, vehicles, map... etc)

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Damn awesome, finally a CJ & clothes re-texture. biggrin.gif (Right?)


It would also be great if you could find some mapper to remove the "blockiness" from the roads and make most parts of SA map more realistic, I hate all those non-realistic hills like in SF...


EDIT: I appreciate how you both handled this situation, everyone makes mistakes in past... smile.gif

(I mean -BLITZ- and dima001rus/Maks_IV)

Edited by oksa8
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Regardless of any forum drama: those textures look great. icon14.gif


No mipmaps though?

Edited by Frank.s
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Would anyone explain what mipmaps exactly does? I never understanded this very well

and GTA: SA is an old game, so textures should stay...textures blush.gif

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Mipmaps allow better texture-filtering, you can notice it especially when looking at roads far away. And also, I've heard using mipmaps gives slight FPS-boost, am I true?

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