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Ideas for vice city

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Ive been away a long time from the boards (i was Mo is 1332)

id like to see a few things in VC


all ages of people

maybe a school or two where teenagers will come out (acne anyone?)

cops chase other people

go into buildings

coast guard missions for the boat

trash missions for the trashmaster

ice cream missions for Mr. Whoopee

maybe some seasons

custom colors for resprays

and a name for the charaacter

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Duke Nukem

Well I don't know about all ages but, there is no Ice cream, or dumpster missions (that I know of) but there is


1.a Pizza Delivery side mission  :cool:

2.the main character's name is Tommy Vercetti and yes yes....HE TALKS!!!

3.Yes the cops will chase others.

4.There are fully modeled interiors for most of the buildings and some of your missions even take place in buildings.

5.Rumor has it that you may have undercover S.W.A.T. missions. R* wont admit it, but they also wont deny it.


There is more, so if you want to know more just ask!


Duke Nukem



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OK then well i guess you cant win them all but id really like to see a coast guard mission

You could also try to sell drugs and eventually get caught by the cops

probably have PanLantic constructuion build you a parking garage where you can keep all your cars

and thankfully you have a name and your voice box is used

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only reason the gta3 guy couldn't talk was he got shot in the throat i mean if somebody says different then ok but i believed the b*tch shot him in the throat....

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lol good point

but still it most likely would have killed him and getting shot in the throat wouldnt make your vision red

your body would heal your vocal cords and they have those voice boxes you point at your throat

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true but they probably wanted to make it dramtic since they didn't show ho he got shot i mean nobody knows and everybody will say how does he communicate with teh other gangsters in the game well he just nodded his head

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Thats an interesting theory, but if you got shot through the larynx (fancy term for voicebox-make you think I know what I'm talking about  :D  ) you would die...surely? The vocal chords are also in the throat, you would die if you got shot there too.

Also if our favourite developer took time to put that stuff n the release date would be pushed back (again! ) and I would have to incapacitate you

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