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Carrying weapons?

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Aparantly u can only carry one "melee" weapon at a time, i.e a knife, scredriver etc...


Well I kind thougt 40 weapons would be tedious to scroll through when choosing a weapon so maybe you can only carry one type of each weapon at a time. Which means you must be a ble to drop weapons. Maybe not, but its a thought...

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ThUg AnGeL
Maybe you can stash your guns as your hideout or something!  I would like to carry more than one though

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Yeah, I wonder how many u can carry. i hope u can carry them all anyway...

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maybe the added an inventory menu like Hitman2 did..

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That is a good question! It seems like it takes to long to get the weapon you want when your in a gang war and you only have 12 to choose from. I can't wait to find out though. If you stash your weapons at the base and you need a certain weapon you will have to go all the way back to your base, and that's saying if you live that long.




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Idiots... They're not changing the weapons carrying system. You can carry all 40 weapons, and yes, you're gonna have to scroll through all of them, whether you like it or not.

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what a knob! konoko do you have the game? do you know for sure u cant carry all weapons? NO well shut the f*ck up then!

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