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San Andreas Ultimate Side Mission Guide

Master of San Andreas

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Master of San Andreas

user posted image






What Are Side Missions?

Side Missions Are missions available for the player anytime to do.Side Missions Are not neccessary to Complete the game but are required for 100 percent completion


What Are the different side missions in san andreas?

The side missions include vigilante,paramedic.fire truck missions and house burglary. [NOTE:taxi driving is only



How do i trigger a side mission?

To trigger a side mission simply go into the required vehicle for example for paramedics an ambulance, then an option should pop up 'press this button to trigger the side mission'.


Do The Cops chase you during a side mission[excluding burglary]?

Yes,They do! Even if it is a vigilante mission! So Even the slightest dash on a cop triggers a wanted level.


Now that you have started lets go to the tutorial! [NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TILL I HAVE FINISHED]

Edited by Master of San Andreas
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Master of San Andreas



Ok. Let us start off with fire fighting....





The Firetruck is a long-standing vehicle in the Grand Theft Auto Series.It has featured in every GTA game so far.It has a seating capacity of 2 [GTA 1 -Vice City Stories] and 4 [GTA IV -Chinatown Wars].The Firetruck Has A red paintjob with a good top speed but poor acceleration due to it's weight.It also features a water cannon which is very useful for putting out fires.


Gta San Andreas FireTruck


In San Andreas The Firetruck is present but, not with one but, two variants.The Second variant dose not have a sire.water hose or lights.It however has a ladder and it is of no use as it can be used only for basic transport.The ladder however with the help of mods can be controlled.




Fire fighter mission are very useful as they make you fireproof which is useful for many missions most notably End of The Line

The Firetruck mission consist of 12 levels.


Here is a picture of the firetruck.


user posted image



*Old Codger Antiques in Commerce, Los Santos

*Fire station in Doherty, San Fierro (Occasionally the ladder variant will spawn here)

*Fire station between Redsands East and Redsands West, Las Venturas


Now lets begin

Here Are the Keys to finsh the truck misssions

  • I Highly reccomend to start the mission in Angel Piine,Fort Carson because it is easy to finish it there,I however did the firefighting mission in east beach which I found easy as well,but if you start at the country side it is much more easier as there is less traffic.
  • Turn ON the sirens so that the people move out of the way.
  • In the later stages after you extinguish the car fire people inside will run out wildly on fire! dont neglect them!
  • Drive Carefully so as not to crash or blast up the truck
  • Keep CJ fit before doing the missions do some workout and eat well so that he dosent fall hungry while doing the mission,which forces

    you to get out of the firetruck and end the mission and you have to start all over again.

  • Aim The water hose above the people's head.



The First Five Levels


Starting in Angel Pine.

*Take a firetruck from the location closest to you.

*Drive to Angel Pine or Fort Carson [whichever is close to you]

*Trigger the firefighting mission


Now What?


Once You pressed the required button to trigger the firefighting mission FIRE FIGHTER should come up in big bold letters.


*The Time left pop up shows you how much time is remaining you usually start with a minute, the more fires you extinguish,the more time you get.

*The level pop up shows you what level you are.There are 12 firefighting levels in San Andreas

*The Fires pop up shows you how much fires you have extinguished so far and not how much fires are left to extinguish

*And When you receive a new report on a fire it should pop up below for example

Burning Vehicle reported in the doherty area go and extinguish the fire.

*When You complete a level it should pop up 'FIRE EXTINGUISHED' and you will get a small reward.


Let's get started!


Level 1&2

Levels 1&2 should be extremely easy and you should have no problem your first objective would be to simply extinguish a car on fire.


Level 3&4

Now here is where you need to get serious,yes there is only vehicle to extinguish but 1 or 2 people to extinguish too.


The people on fire may annoy you as they run madly not giving you a proper aim.So what you need to do is to block the person running and by block I mean make them fall down,But be careful so as not to kill them and once they fall down make use of the time they take to recover and spray the water on them to extinguish the fire. If there are two people don't try blocking both of them! do one at a time only!Or you can aim at the person's head

Also never ever move and aim it will be very difficult.


Level 5.

Level 5 is even more harder!Infact you have to extinguish not 1 but 2 burning vehicles at two different places.

The Good thing is that you have good time,but you have to act real fast as you have to go to two different locations.

Now The people inside you have done it before but in 2 different places? no, we haven't

So the key from here on is time again you have to be fast,go as close to the people and extinguish the fire and also don't spend too much time on one fire and don't panic and lose control and blast up the truck you also have to check once whether the person{s} have been extinguished.



As You go higher and higher there are more vehicles to extinguish along with people The Key is time, aim and how fast you are.Do not panic during the later stages and do not play around with the water hose just follow what I Said before but only faster. Once you finish you should have put out 78 fires approximately.


I Have Taken a video For more help.You Will find it useful







After completing the firefighter missions CJ becomes completly fireproof,meaning that he wont lose health if he step's in the fire.

Also you get a small amount of money after completing each level

Edited by Master of San Andreas
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Master of San Andreas




Edited by Master of San Andreas
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