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[TUT] GTA V styled Logo

Recommended Posts


GTA V styled Logo.


Level: Easy.


Tools: Photoshop with a Layer FX feature.

DragonFly sinedots II .8bf (Free Photoshop plugin)


Notes: I did not use correct font, You can use Times or some other sharp-edged serif font for more authentic result. The proportions are not also exactly correct.

The net effect inside character is not as dark as in RS* logo. Use whatever (like levels) You like to use to make it darker in step 4, after merging the layers. Marked (*).

There´s bit of white in the ribbon I linked. You can clean it yourself.

This guide does does not include how to add custom text to the ribbon. Because it´s like "create oval and type". But if someone wishes, I will add it.


Step 1.


Create 500x500 96dpi transparent image. Type white V using ITC Bookman Oldstyle Bold (or similar, I just like this font) 400 points size.

Layer FX: Black stroke: outside 8px. Gradient overlay: linear, -65°, scale 74%. Colors from #bec2ba to #587b1c.


user posted image


Step 2.


Duplicate layer, place it to bottom and change the stroke to white 24px.

Convert layer to smart object, use Layer FX to give it the second 10px black outside stroke.

Create tranparent layer to bottom and merge smart object layer down.


user posted image


As You can see, the corners are getting round. If You want sharper corners, for step 2 You can alternately use original character without stroke and simply enlargen it.

Or You can use BOld character for lower layer and regular for upper. It´s really a matter of taste.




Step 3.






Net effect. I use a free plugin called DragonFly sinedots II.

Small word of warning. This plugin is old and crashed Photoshop for me. That´s why You should save your work before playing with this. You may also experiance lagging.

Don´t mind the progress bar playing.


Create new layer, fill it with paint bucket using Dark green #375c00

Start Filter -> DragonFly -> SineDotsII. Blend: Alpha replace, Color: #375c00. Angles & offsets are up to You.

You may use other blending to see the effect better while playing out, but before applying change back to Alpha replace.

You won´t see the character in the preview window this way, but You can test it first the to a duplicated "V" layer, using "max weight" blending.

I am using Alpha replace on green layer, because that way the net will be created on separate layer. Means transform control and easier to get rid off the overlapping parts.


In this fig. applied to the V.


user posted image


Step 4.


Create 4 or so duplicate layers to get the net thicker. Merge them all. If You start this tutorial in smaller size overall I think it´s gonna be bigger.

Merge all the net layers and use transform/free transform to transfer, rotate and place it over V like You want it.(*)

Activate V layer, select the whole character using magic wand. Go back to net layer, invert selection and hit delete.


Congrats, if You did everything like supposed You got a V.


user posted image


Then You can merge all layers into one. Create transparent layer below smart objects before merging them down.


Step 5. (Ribbon)


Get a high res of the V logo and cut the ribbon out of it. Over-paint the FIVE with white. By this time there should be a clean cut-out somewhere.

Or You can use this:


user posted image


PS: Save image to your documents, and open file from PS. No copy/paste of transparent image links....?

Gimp: Copy image, paste as new layer.


Resize your V if necessary, align ribbon with it.

Duplicate ribbon, move duplicate to bottom. Give it a black outer stroke of 4-6px.

Use selection tool to delete parts from the upper ribbon that go over the character, if You like.


user posted imageuser posted image


Step 6.


Merge V with lower ribbon layer. Click transparent area with magic wand and invert selection. Use additive polygonal selection for holes and rectangular addition for the upper edge.

Create new layer under V layer, use black brush to fill the holes. Merge layers and use Layer FX: Outer stroke around 6px, color #747678.


user posted image



Edited by Graven

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great tutorial mate smile.gif


what about the black fill after, and then the grey stoke around that


user posted image

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The original logo's first black stroke is slanted to the left, perhaps adding a drop shadow and choking it at 100 will give it a better effect.


Also for the text, use the font Dollar and apply the following layer styles.


Simple text in black.

user posted image


Hard white inner shadow. (make it thinner, mine's a bit thick. blush.gif )

user posted image


Thin black inner stroke.

user posted image

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Great tutorial, Graven! I've been wondering how to do it since the game was announced!


Thanks. wink.gif


I'll post my results when I'm done.

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Added to the tutorial archive.

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As a way of saying thank you for this tutorial, I have registered on this form just to say it. By following this tut I had made my signature.

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Excellent tutorial!

I made a logo for my blog in Gimp 2.6:


Edited by Camil1999

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fuck sivispacem





would this effect work just as well if you were trying to make words instead of letters?

Edited by GroveVendetta

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Akash babu

yeah its very good :panic:

super :karmaeater:

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Hello, i don't have photoshop anyone can make this logo with "S" ?

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Your best bet is to open up a new topic, and explain you'd like the artist to follow this tutorial and also list what you want to be completed.

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