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Macintire Sniper

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Macintire Sniper

hi guys,just got this months copy of PSM2,and i found out some new info(i think)so i just thought id post it for all you guys,oh yeah this symbol*,means im quoting from the mag,


well,first of all,the mag definetly points out the fact that you CAN NOT swim(bugger f*uck damnit!!;)

Quote*The drive by-systems been similary improved,allowing forward-firing charges on bikes and boats.Taking advantage of this-and in another response to player feedback

-the car damage models been improved.Thwack one with a bat and the bonnet crumples

-bust a cap through the windshield and the glass spiderwebs around the bullet-hole.Its now now possibel to take out a driver or passenger through the window-no need to wreck the paintwork on that diablo stallion.A well-placed round can take out a tyre,magnifying the desperation of evading the police in a smoking old clunker*

it also says that there are 80 different ped skins and that they will now jog,read papers,sunbathe,sit on benches,rollerblade and will now chat,ask for change,argue,flirt,fight and swear(thats not unusual)


well there you have it,it says that bullet holes now appear on cars,and its possible to kill someone through the windshield!!

So...imagine,you get out of your car to go into ammunation,you come back out just to see your motor being jacked by some haitian gangster,he drives a way and makes a u-turn in the middle of the road,coming back your way,you pull out the ruger you just bought and unload a clip into the windshield for revenge,BLAM,you got the punk right in the head,the car veers across the road into a crowd of sunbathers just on the beach,it explodes killing them all,the cops come,you kill a few and then the ones from the choppers come down,you knows this is it......


sorry for the long post,if u did already know this info then soz for wasting your time,but if not,HOT DAMN THIS IS GOOD

reply with your thoughts...


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I-i love you!

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this isn't that new. I had this mag almost a week ago.  


it dont sat u caan shhot through windshields. u crazy. i didn't see that part. what page is it on



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skotch-tape is an azzh0le who critisizes everyone dont listen to him

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everyone my ass. i only did that to u and MACINTIRE_SNIPER.

and all i want to know what page it says u can shoot through a windshield. i  didnt see that any where.....and i still dont

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Kaiza the ever ready toadstool
Skotch it says it in the UK mag on page 6 (of the vc article) on the left of the page its cut up by a fat quote.

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street cheetah

Ya I read this mag last week I think...I didn't memorize or buy it ( just read it in the bookstore) but I think it said you can kill people through the windshield.


Ya , I guess no swimming means we can't go in the pool or hot tub with a hot chick  :O

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