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The Chevrolet Volt is the Biggest Failure in

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What's your stance? Was the taxpayer funding for this not-so-popular electric car worth it in the end?


PS: An environmentalist group showcasing the car made a visit to my school this past school year to give the students a hands on demonstration of the car and it's whopping 2600 watt charging station. When I took the stereo system for a spin, I noticed that the radio tuner and the entire onboard "computer" was extremely slow to respond to commands. Imposing an approximate 1 to 2 second delay. In addition, the sound quality was very poor and radio reception (the airwaves in the Greater Toronto Area are normally filled with stations from Toronto, Hamilton, and Western New York) was somewhat poor in comparison to the other car radios I encounter.


This is more of a rant on how modern technology is riddled with empty promises and hipocrisy. They could have easily just attached an alternator to the axle or the motor while it's running/idling so a gas engine to charge the battery woulden't be necessary, but I guess that would piss off the Administration's friends at BP, Exxon Mobil, Shell, General Electric, et cetera.


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What's with conservatives trashing the Chevy Volt? You don't even have the car, and most of those criticizing it probably have never even seen one. My mom has one and it's great and she has never run into any problems with it. This is just a retarded right wing hit job on a clean energy car that, in my opinion, is a complete f*cking load of sh*t and is also frankly bad politics. The former Vice Chairman of GM agrees.



Speaking yesterday at the Hudson Institute, a conservative think thank, Lutz called out the “knee-jerk” pundits who have tried to turn the Volt into a political joke. E&E News reported on his comments:


    “The unfortunate thing is that because electric cars are very associated with the left-wing environmental green movement to combat global warming and reduce [carbon dioxide], the idea of vehicle electrification triggers this visceral reaction on the part of conservatives — which is, if it’s electric it must be a product of the left-wing, Democratic enviro-political machine, therefore we hate it,” said Lutz, a self-described conservative.


    “This is an unfortunate, knee-jerk reaction because what the Volt and other vehicles like it are about is … shifting portions of the American mobile sector onto a more efficient and domestically produced power source,” he said.


    “No electric vehicle has ever caught fire [in use], and yet the right is constantly talking about the flammability, overheating, fire hazard of the electric vehicle,” he told the conservative audience. “Folks, it’s pure fiction. Please get it out of your heads.”



Link: http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2012/04/1...cars/?mobile=nc



Also his op ed in Forbes - http://www.forbes.com/sites/boblutz/2012/0...-over-the-volt/

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What absolute sh*te. Locked.


MIKON8ERISBACK- Please either read the rules for this subforum, or stop posting in it.

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