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Help with GIMS IV

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--Sorry for bad english-- tounge2.gif

See, ive been in the modding years ago, but I did never got out of GTA SA, so I tried to get in the IV era modding, starting with 3DS Max, I installed GIMS, but it comes with problems when I try to import ODR, ive been following many tutorials about rigging, and in all of them, when they import a ODR, the PNG file coming with it, doesn't appear in the model on 3DS MAX, they just get a simple color in the model, and I get the actual texture.

Well, that's one thing, the next are the most important issues, they are two, one of them did never appear until one time it came out, after that, it does ALWAYS appear; whenever i try to import a ODR, it asks me for the texture folder, when I select the texture folder, it says this:

user posted image

And this:

user posted image

And then, this:

user posted image

For any doubts, this is the folder where I keep all those files:

user posted image

Okay, the third, I asked several times in different topics about this, they told me i just had to reinstall GIMS, and yes, it worked! But the problem is that when I close the program, and then open it again, it happens again, I reinstall it, open, close, and again, I reinstall it, open, close, and again...

here it is:

user posted image

So, this is the secuence wich is always happening when I open 3DS Max:

First, I open it:

user posted image

Then, i click either way yes, or no, if not, the next screenshot does not apply:

user posted image

Then, after some loading, this:

user posted image

Then, after closing that:

user posted image

Then, I try to open an ODR:

user posted image

After that, it asks me for the texture folder:

user posted image

Then, secondly explained issue pops out:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

And finally, this:

user posted image

(Notice that second issue happened even before third issue did confused.gif )

Any suggestions? cryani.gif



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i think that errors are caused because you put the odr files in the same folder as the .skel, .mesh and the textures.

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Please somebody..

I'm sorry if I can't reply here but...

How to install GIMS IV on 3D Max 2013?

I try this but a don't find this diretory


Extract "GIMS_IV" folder into:

Windows Vista/7/8: "<DRIVE>:\Users\<USER_NAME>\AppData\Roaming\"

Windows 2K/XP: "<DRIVE>:\Documents and Settings\<USER_NAME>\Application Data\"


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Sorry no speak good english
I am french

I have a problem with gims 4 when I want to import a map to OBN I remain blocked with infinite loading

Here is the message :

"Checking materials - dev_col/malhelper/*composite/mesh22/4500/4744 faces|fix materials IDs"

And Blocket loaded infinite

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