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Wireless card and/or computer playing up


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Evening all,


I am hoping someone here can help pin-point my problem. Currently I am only get two bars of signal from my wireless card and its making gaming unplayable, sometimes its 3 or 4 and then it works fine. Now it should defiantly be around 4 bars as its wireless N and is only about 15 meters from the router. Both my mac and my other laptop get 4-full bars of signal so its not some sort of interferance issue and both are just b/g.


I have updated the driver and that did nothing to help, any other suggestions ?

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What happens when you move the that system closer to the router?...that is if that's possible

If this is a desktop and you're using a wireless PCI style card see if you can move the antenna or replace it with one with a cable so you can move it around. If it's a usb stick with a build in antenna the only way to move it's antenna around is to get a USB extension cord and plug it into that then you can move it around.


Other laptops get more bars could be because they have better antennas


You could try changing the channel the router uses to one with less clutter (other routers around you using the same channel). To help figure out which channel will be best for you try inSSIDer http://www.metageek.net/products/inssider/..._expid=190328-1

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Thanks alot Wolf, your bang on with the antennas. I messed with there orientation and use a wrench to tighten them to the card and bingo.

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Yeah a loose connection will do it too.

Glad you got it fixed

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