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Happy Birthday, Sektor!


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Most of you will know (or at least remember) that Sektor has supported the GTA2 community for many, many years. He provides a forum, an extensive maps list with descriptions and, as if that wasn’t enough, made the GTA2 Game Hunter multiplayer chat channel and lobby.


His calm moderation of members' squabbles and helpful approach to new members are



His birthday is Wednesday 18th July 2012. Due to timezones that's somewhen on Tuesday afternoon, UK time. Hopefully I've made this topic at about the right moment!


Let's celebrate Sektor’s stirling contributions over the years. I invite you all to add your messages so we can recognise one of the retro GTA scene’s most committed veterans.


If you use Game Hunter, come online and leave him a message on Tuesday or Wednesday – he can read the logs if not online at that moment.

Edited by Cerbera
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Happy birthday!


It's great to see a continued dedication to the games and community I grew up with.


I wish I had the time and dedication to even play GTA like I used to, never mind continue to support and contribute to a community of die hard fans that would probably not exist without someone like you as a catalyst.


Congratulations and thanks to Ben for pointing me to this thread (happy birthday for the 27th by the way, older than me by a day smile.gif)

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Moderating a forum dedicated solely to a game made 15 years ago... that's commitment. Glad to see you stuck around for the long run.


3 cheers, have a few beers.

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Happy birthday! Don't really know you personally, but I've seen your commitment to this forum a couple of times. Have a green beer. user posted image



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Thanks everyone!


I share a birthday with Nelson Mandela, Vin Diesel, Richard Branson and Shaun Micallef. That would be some party.

Edited by Sektor
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