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Warrior Mancini

I've never done this before but I was wondering how to make a forum with a roster, story, and like any gangs forum can someone show me how to apply these things

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Well, to start a gang you firstly need to read the Forum Guidelines. And for start, I'm quoting the most important part, read it carefully.



Starting/Operating a gang.


  • There is no specific format for gangs to follow. You are free to run your gang however you wish. Some gangs like to have fancy layouts with graphics, background information etc. This is not a requirement! However, we request you to post some essential details - such as the platforms you play on, gang rules, the games you play, a roster that consists of forum members only (their forum user-names need to be included), application form and such.
  • We stress only on one thing for gangs that use this forum - you must operate from GTAForums. You may not simply leave an advertisement or a recruitment topic, directing people to your gang's forums, website, Gamertag, PSN ID or any external means of communication. Harsh? Maybe. We want gangs to grow on these boards, and mingle with other gangs and the community. We do not want to encourage isolated gangs that operate externally (we also do not allow you to reference external allies, enemy gangs or players).
  • Members that have been here for a while may remember something called "Public Gang Chat", a forum which existed between 2002 and 2007. This forum is NOT the new Public Gang Chat. The aims of this section are entirely different from Public Gang Chat. Therefore, we'd appreciate it if you don't go into other gang's topics telling them to write a background story, include graphics or tell them what turf they can and cannot claim (gangs are free to claim what they wish in their topic), etc.


Now, you asked about how to make a Roster. Well, for that you need to know how to make tables.


So, we have something like this:












Let's make now a table with border, so we'll change the [table] tag into a [tableb] tag!










What are the uses of all those codes?

tableb - Makes a new table, with borders.

tr - Makes the rows. (for the Roster, these are the rows where you can find information about each member; like putting the Ranks, Username & XBL Gamer Tag in the same line + as many rows you make, as long the roster will be)

td - Makes the columns. (this will create the different colums, than contain information about each member; for instance all members will have written their Rank or XBL or Username in the same column)

th - Title/header, makes it automatically bold. (this is for the top row, that has written the Rank, XBL Gamer Tag and Username on it)


Here's a picture of a roster that will explain you how to do this and that.




Here's an example roster, which has the code below so you can play with it.



Rank Username Gamer Tag
Rank #1 Member #1 Gamer Tag #1
Rank #2 Member #2 Gamer Tag #2
Rank #3 Member #3 Gamer Tag #3
Rank #4 Member #4 Gamer Tag #4
Rank #5 Member #5 Gamer Tag #5
Rank #6 Member #6 Gamer Tag #6
Rank #7 Member #7 Gamer Tag #7
Rank #8 Member #8 Gamer Tag #8
Rank #9 Member #9 Gamer Tag #9
Rank #10 Member #10 Gamer Tag #10




RankUsernameGamer TagRank #1Member #1Gamer Tag #1Rank #2Member #2Gamer Tag #2Rank #3Member #3Gamer Tag #3Rank #4Member #4Gamer Tag #4Rank #5Member #5Gamer Tag #5Rank #6Member #6Gamer Tag #6Rank #7Member #7Gamer Tag #7Rank #8Member #8Gamer Tag #8Rank #9Member #9Gamer Tag #9Rank #10Member #10Gamer Tag #10[/tableb]




!!! NOTE !!!

Also, when you use the (th) tags, you don't need the (tr) & (td) tags. They just use space and don't do anything.

One more thing: don't confuse the [] & [/] 'doors' with () & (/)! Once you made this mistake, nothing will work anymore!

ALWAYS open the (tr) tag before the (td) tag. And when you close, post the (/td) tag first, and than the (/tr) tag, or things will go crazy!

The (table) or (tableb) tags are always opened before the (tr) & (td) tags; and always closed after the (/td) & (/tr) tags.

Please remember that I used the () & (/) 'doors' only to explain how the things work. If not, this part of the guide would look sh*tty. In real, use the [] & [/] tags, okay?


To create an application Table, which is just as needed as the roster you use the same tricks as on the roster table, but instead of Ranks and Gamer Tags, we'll have other stuff. Here's a prime example, which is the simplest application table you could do.



Questions Answers
Your Username? Answer Here
You Age? Answer Here
Any gangs you been in before? Answer Here
What platform you play on? Answer Here
How can you help this gang? Answer Here
Anything else you'd like to add? Answer Here




QuestionsAnswersYour Username?Answer HereYou Age?Answer HereAny gangs you been in before?Answer HereWhat platform you play on?Answer HereHow can you help this gang?Answer HereAnything else you'd like to add?Answer Here[/tableb]



As you can see, I only created two colums, for Questions and Answers, and six rows with the question and the answer. Hope this helps. icon14.gif

Dead (Retired)

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Next time ask your questions in this topic.



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