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.NET - getting vehicle next to player?


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I urgently need an advise how to get the hand on a vehicle Niko stands by. Long story short example:

How would I open a door of the car Niko stands next to?


Thanks in advance!

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private vehicle veh;




veh = World.GetClosestVehicle(Player.Character.Position, 3f); // Parameter1 is the position, Parameter2 is the maximum distance to find a Vehicle.


if (veh != null) //Ensures that the game found a vehicle


GTA.Native.Function.Call("OPEN_CAR_DOOR", veh, 0); // Parameter1 is the Vehicle Handle, Parameter2 is the Door ID




Door ID Parameters can be found here

GTAModding.com - DOOR ID'S

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Wow thanks a lot, how could I miss that under World.? O_o

This snippet is exactly what I need, have some cookies smile.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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