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Vehicles will not move problem!


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(I play GTA on xbox btw) Hey guys, recently I have been having a huge problem in GTA 4 and TBOGT. For whatever reason, all the vehicles are glitched and wont accelerate. I can get into a car, start it, and reverse, but when I hold down on the right trigger, the car revs but doesn't move. I tested it out with bikes, same problem. With helicopters it takes me about 4 minutes to reach the top of the "empire state building." With really fast cars, I move forward at a crawl. What the heck is going on? The game isn't fun because I can't do 90% of the missions and I have to run everywhere. I put in phone cheats for a car, weapons, buzzard, and a parachute but thats it. Would that have done it? Also I moved my xbox from my basement to my room earlier on the day this glitch started. Could that have damaged my disc reader or something to make this glitch happen? Thanks


Im kinda looking for fixes for this problem... although the view count on this thread is nice

Edited by xB01S0NxBARRYx
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I will hold the right trigger and the car will rev up but wont move forward. Its as if there is a wall in front of me or as if im holding the hand brake button

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I did a bit of searching,but nothing similar poped up.

Try starting a new game.If that doesn't work,try deleting the game date then reinstall by playing again.

Hmm..Did this happen when you started a new game,or is this a game you've been playing on and this just recently started?

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  • 1 year later...

I am having the same problem and am having a horrible time with it. I will try to reinstall but I look forward to seeing a solution. Otherwise I probably just return it.

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i don't understand you say your hear engine rpm but the car won't move . i suggest to reinstall then

Just a heads up, the OP is on Console (X-Box)-NOT PC, so a re-install is out of the question-lol


OT-Try a different controller OR a different disc and see if that helps?

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  • 3 years later...

I am having the same problem now. I took part in prison break heist. The place I took off in was flying really slowly. We timed out then restarted the mission. So I then got in a car once respawned but same thing hear the revs but no forward motion. I have reinstalled the entire game but same problem. Could it be an issue with my PSN account? Or an bug. Help

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  • 3 years later...

I’m playing on controller and I was having the same problem so I generally held down each button, basically put it in my mouth and blew. It worked some how and I can play again 

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