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my TC for VC


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hi its again me me with new mod for gta vice city its is called total conversion mod


i have start the work of my new latest mod for gta vice city this is total conversion it has too many features to play.in this mod WWE TNA SUPERSTARS NXT GTA SA GTA IV other games player models are included in this mod WWE arena has been added WWE office GYM and also STEEL Cage will be added soon you can play blood matches in Cage you enter into arena and watch of superstars matches new fighting styles has been added new running styles new moves new weapons new menus

new missions new hud icons HD map new cars

and many more to come new things added to gta vice city map more info soon as mod more developed


we are deep in need of many help confused.gif if you think you can help then just Pm me our team is too small for work we need more modders to complete the game as fast as we can soon I'll upload beta v 1.0


the following peoples i would like to thanks for their contribution to my mod biggrin.gif





if anyone want to help us then pls immeditaly contact with me


thanks for viewing the mod and reading description


Thanks and REGARDS


i hope you will enjoy my mew mod biggrin.gif


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Los Santos Pedestrian

Do you have any screenshots to prove that you're not lying?

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Do you have any screenshots to prove that you're not lying?

Or nicking other peoples mods and making a mod pack.

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dude i will soon upload some screen and you talk about others mods that probably wrong that's my on Tc.it has years of me to making the mod.so again please don't tell talk like that.so far I'm adding new player models and pickups missions will be soon built if any of you want to help us then the mod will be quickly build biggrin.gif


if someone give hand for his help icon14.gifwink.gif

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