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Way to increase view distance of spawned objects?


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I'd like to spawn a few objects about 300 meters away from the three Pavilion towers on the rooftop of a building. For the film I'm working on, the camera is positioned on the towers and I would like to see the objects I have spawned on one of the buildings 300m away. Is there a way to increase this distance? (My VD is 100 in the game-options but its still too far away).


Any tips appreciated.

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Is there a way to increase this distance?

yes, you have to search objects you want in your archives first.use open iv or spark iv

export ide file which contains the properties of the objects you want(ex:props/doors.img>doors.ide)

then edit the object's draw dist


Model Name, Model's wtd assignment("null" when embedded textures), draw dist(ex:299,184,56)


edit draw dist part and set 299 or less cuz if you put more than 299, the object won't have collision(which assigned in wbd>collision dictionaries)

it's very easy, but if you have any doubt just message me.

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