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hi , i'm about to purchase zmodeler but before spending any euro i want to just know if the program is good . here's what i would like to do


- on a first hand : simply convert finished 3ds to wdr/wft

- then eventually create vehicles and/or small maps


i would like to know if that program can do the above , and also if there are known bugs/issues that could make one think twice before purchasing . Autodesk products are too expansive for the use i want to do with such program . thanks



edit :


first import

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Zmodelers only use in GTAIV is for exporting vehicles, nothing else. Zmodeler can't do stable maps, cant do bugfree weapons. If you want to model anything from scratch then you really should get 3dsmax, the only mapping tools for GTAIV are exclusive to 3dsmax.


As for the price: people here don't purchase 3dsmax... Hell not many people purchase zmodeler either, but they all have it. sly.gif

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man as i wanted to convert 3ds objects to GTA format(s) i purchased ZM . in fact it won't cost me anything as i just sold a garden machine for quite the same price . i read on internet forums that ZM did maps pretty easily and pretty well ..? i have in mind of creating a huge beach a kind of VC one you know too . so i purchased ZM . seems ZM3 future update is included in the price , we'll see . thanks a lot .

i think bugs or not we don't have much the choice in fact , as piracy is an option that i just can't conceive myself

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