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Social Club Link Gamertag Problem


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Hi friends I have asked for this problem to R* but they take 1 hour for one reply (different time zones problem).


I have properly Linked My GFWL id with Social Club site Even I have got Message by E-mail of Linked Account.


But the problem is when I start the game form launchgtaIV.exe and login to SC(Social Club) it says Link your's gamertag or Remind me later.

And due to this problem when I try to Play Multiplayer It says You need to login to SC.


My stats of Gameplay are updated daily on Sc and GFWL site. Even I am Able to Log in to GFWL in game.


Things that I have tried

Re installed game

Updated SC

Updated Patch

Re linked My accounts

All Driver Updates

Even Made New accounts


Guys I am not a Steam User. And I don't think this thread Required System Information.

For better Understanding in depth I have Uploaded 3 images see step by step and whole Picture will be clear.


I hope you guys will soon help me out You know very well guys how it feels if Someone not able to play online sad.gif

And yes I verified my SC account and It works perfectly with Max Payne 3 one more thing there is exception in Firewall for GtaIV and I have even tried by turning off Firewall nothing worked.I read many post regarding this issue but founded no solutions and I am facing this problem form more than 1 week (and Its new so no question abt was it working Before?) so

no chances of Maintenance as rockstar didn't told me anything like that. and no weekends problem.


user posted image


user posted image


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