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Bodyguards like Armando/Henrique?


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I have been playing EFLC - TBOGT for a while and have been using bodyguard mods for it. The bodyguards from those mods however arent as good as when you have Armando and Henrique with you in things like missions or drug wars. They do everything I wish my bodyguards can do better, for example:


- they follow you around

- they have blips

- they protect you with their own weapons

- they get into the car with you

- if you purposely leave them behind, they magically spawn cars of their own just like the car you're driving then and follow you in vehicles. They also catch up to you no matter how far away you left them behind - you can see that when their marker on your minimap jumps from somewhere far to right behind you. (this is something I liked the most)


I know bodyguard mods have those features, but the problem is the bodyguards do a pretty bad job of being like those guys. They're not as reliable as the AI controlling Armando and Henrique.


SO, is there a way to find out how these guys are coded so that I can try to script the ability to spawn "Armandos and Henriques" for your use and do the same things they do when you play missions with them or in drug wars? Appreciate any help.

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That is the reason why Im asking this, the bodyguards from trainers are not as good as them. Theyre stupid and unreliable. I only need to know where their code is for doing such actions are, then try to use that for a mod.

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