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Warrior Mancini

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Warrior Mancini

If u want to join my gt is


Gamertag removed - gamesguru.

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Event Guidelines



Requirements for Starting an Event

Make sure to include the essential details, such as gamemode(s), Date and Time (with Timezone), duration, etc. Please mention the platform(s) [PSN/XBL/SA:MP, etc.] in obvious locations, such as the topic title/description or the first post. If you require some help with this, consider using the Event Template (Found in the following post).


External Events

We do not mind if an external gang or player seeks for participation from here, the more players/events, the merrier. But do not just post a link to your website/forums, asking people to sign up over there. No advertising - its against the GTAForums Rules and Policies. Avoid posting external links and make proper use of your topic. You can post anything pertaining to your event within your topic - rules, schedules, results and what-not.

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