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Dont wanna spam up the forums, but i felt the need to make 2 threads in quick succession, So sorry if these are unecesary, feel free to lock them.


BUT... I was, as i said in the previous thread, Playing VC the other day, and i was looking around at all the features that could be improved upon, and i remembered the mall. Now VC was uncustomisable, But it would be great to have a working mall in GTA V, with clothes shops, food courts for health regeneration and it would be great for shootouts and stuff.



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Smith John

I already made a topic about this not long ago.


Would give u link but using my phone and its too much f*cking around, soz

bash the fash m8s 

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Oh damn confused.gif



Sorry everyone, didnt mean to spam up the forum, How do i delete this now or does it just get locked and forgot about?


Sorry again, I searched but didnt find anything confused.gif

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