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Trying to install various Mods HELP


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i want to install the Xbox PC Mod, The Ultimate mod (new roads, better car rims) the Bridge to Ghost Town Mod and the Complete Tunnel mod heres the issue:


Xbox Mod .... Works fine

Ultimate Mod ..... Works fine

Bridge to Ghost Town .... Works fine

Tunnel and COMPLETE Ghost Town mod ... Works fine


so here is the problem installing the Tunnel Mod requires editing the img files with no mods but the tunnel mod installed this works fine however this DOES not work with the Xbox mod as the tunnel is still closed off same thing when combined with the Ultimate mod. Except when the ultimate mod is installed along with the xbox and tunnel mods the tunnel dissappears all together (just a fall into blue hell) im talking about the tunnels on SV.


How can i get the Tunnel Mod to work along side the Xbox and Ultimate 0.2 mod?


both the Xbox mod and the Ultimate Mod work together however somewhere in the files the Tunnel mod is being canceled out going to ghost town via Bridge all the buliding and objects are in the ghost town however the roads are not and the Securicars are still there solid and cannot be driven anyone successfully combine these mods?

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Arsen Vitiuk

I guess you'd have much more luck looking in the Modding Section of the Forums.


This section concerns the original Grand Theft Auto III game.


Just a friendly heads up.

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