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Hey guys..


I'm creating a website soon as means for a place to bring Active and Veteran Marines together as means of communication and any help they may need as they make the transition to coming home. (Some of us either have little to no money or have troubles buying homes, etc.) So I want to find a way to contribute back to the brotherhood and friends that I've found during my time in the Marine Corps.


So what I'm needing help with, and this is just an option, for those of you who may want to help or contribute in some way, is possibly help with graphics, not so sleek looking but more professional and appealing to any Veteran or Family member of the Marine to come to the site and talk with us and all that.


I'm starting this topic as a means to enlist the help of all of the GFX artists on GTAF and any volunteers for ideas or possibly for creations themselves.. Thanks for any and all help and you will all be credited on the website.


First things, I am looking for a logo that will capture the image of the Marine Corps along with the title of the site and foundation called, Warriors United. (This logo will be used as the main header of the site as well as business cards and merchandise.) All entries will be reviewed and voted upon by WU employees, volunteers and by the GTAF users themselves.


I do graphics myself, so I will also enter in acouple creations and we'll see where to go from there.. So mainly, at this point in time, a logo will suffice as something that we can begin to build from.


Thanks for your time, and this is purely voluntary, so it's a decision on whether you would like to participate or not.



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Awesome, SoCo.. thanks for the contribution. icon14.gif


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