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Fully Naked Guy in TLAD?


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that weird

Refrain from posting short messages.


Try to use at least a full sentence.




Everyone else, ease up on the guy.


He's new to the game.

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This is the link to a highly controversial scene in TLAD where a man's penis is shown. Not trolling or rickrolling!



Oh my god, thank you man, you're so awesome.


I'd have never known about this if it weren't for you, broseph.


I mean it's one of those little things that are hard to notice (pun not intended) after having 6 playthroughs of the game, and the game having been out for only around 2-3 years.


Thanks man, I owe you bro icon14.gif

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This really was disturbing to me. I was like: OMG, can't I just skip this scene, but wait. What if he says something essential to the storyline. Maybe I'll just wait... OH GOD IT'S NOT GOING AWAY D:

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Funny how we get to see a penis but no tits at the strip club.


Gotta love those "ALMOST Naked nude show tonigh!" posters

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Yeah, pretty stupid. We want tits, not dicks..


But its a cartoon, and you all have penises. Why does it feel awkward? I mean sure if you're not a homosexual (neither am I), but it's just a pale blob I guess? Close your eyes.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It surprised me to see this in a video game as well. I was not expecting anything like this. When I first got LAD I didn't know anything about this part of the game. I usually look up things on YouTube to check out video games, to see what their like and what is in them. I though "OMG!!" Then I thought, "What am I thinking!? This is Rockstar!! I should be expecting things like this!" biggrin.gif Someday you guys might get your wish of seeing titties. RockStar may end up doing it, if they know or think they'd get away with it, in a future GTA game. It would not surprise me if they finally did it. monocle.gif

Edited by jlamay
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