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Colored text crashes the game


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When i write in colored text then save and load the mission it crashes,please help sad.gif

I have DYOM v6.1


and some scripts.(which i dont think is important)

I have tested this on 2 computers,

and it is the same result.

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You probably did something wrong with the code. "~" is really important, without closing the code mission can crash.

To be 100% sure, use + instead of ~.


will work same as


This is the mostly problem with coloured text.

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I tryed it once more,and it crashed.I did use + and ~.What do i have to do whatsthat.gif (on my other computer there are no scripts)

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What? The ''+'' code work pretty normal to me. If yours still crash, try to reinstall Gta: SA, if it still doesn't work then don't use color text.

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Arrrgh! angry.gif I really want to use the coloured text.I am making a storyline,but without color it just doesnt look good sad.gif .

Could someone post a example how the colored text should be,maybe i'm making something wrong.

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If you want use ingame color, you should do like this.


If you want red color, press Ctrl + r. Then, it shows like this :






You can use it like this :






The "+w+" is for turning the text to it's normal color.


It will show like this:



If you use Notepad++, you can use it like this :






That's it.


Anyway, the color code :


Red = ~r~ or +r+

Blue = ~b~ or +b+

Yellow = ~y~ or +y+

Green = ~g~ or +g+

White = ~w~ or +w+


There is some other code but this five is the one I used the most.

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Ok.I was doing the colors in the notepad, but i tested,and even if i change one letter in notepad it crashes.So i tried doing it in-game and it worked out.Dunno why i didnt try that first but ok. cool.gif

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