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Do I have V2 or V1?


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So I've recently got San Andreas for my PC as I was keen to start using mods etc. While installing the game, there was that readme-tpe thing, and it said I had V1.00. Then I play the game for a bit, try downloading some savegames, check out car mods and put 'em in the game with SAMI, and next time I play the game, it doesn't load. Not at all. I checked the readme, and it said V2.00. So I uninstalled the game, the mods, and got rid of pretty much every single GTA file I had on my PC. I re-installed the game, and it does the same not loading sh*t all over again. So I'm keen to know if I have V1 or V2, and possibly why hte game ain't working.


It would be wise to let you know I use Windows 7, and I'm not to wise with computers.

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Where have you got your game from?

You say that you checked the readme and it said V2.00. What readme is that? You already said that the readme said V1.00.

Besides, upload a save file made on your game here and at the Save Information you should see the game version.

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It's been report, before, that Readme may not have been updated in early Version 2 Games.

BUT the menu Screen of the game should say in the lower right corner if it is a V2, or V3 game.

The Version 2 game will also have it printed on the Disc and Game Box.

Version 3 games (Download) is programmed to NOT be modable.

Version 2 games (Disc) need to be 'downgraded', you'll have to GOOGLE/BING for information, as discussion is not allowed on this forum.

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If you bought the game AFTER June 2005, it is V2, as that is when V2 came out-I bought my game in June 2005, and it was V2...


Here is what the V2 game box looks like..

OR at the bottom of the screen load screen, it will say V2.00 if V2...

OR Miromiro's 3rd suggestion about uploading a save to SnP and checking what it says is another good way,,,


But, since you are on Windows 7, I take it you have V2, as I don't think V1 is compatible with newer OS's after XP? confused.gif

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